Two UDC Candidates for Tonota Ward Lead to Confusion

  • BNF and BPF field candidates under UDC banner
  • BNF says its candidate is the rightful one
  • BPF has broken off the UDC coalition


The Botswana National Front (BNF) in Tonota Constituency is seeking clarity from the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) regarding why Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) activist Catherine Sepora has been allowed to run in the general elections in a Tonota Southeast council ward under the UDC while her party withdrew from the coalition in a constituency allocated the BNF.

The BNF protest comes after Sepora recently launched her campaign in Tonota Southeast under the UDC banner.

Two UDC candidates for one ward

The BNF recently conducted primary elections and Kagiso Kenosi was emerged the council candidate for the same ward.

The declaration of Sepora as the UDC candidate for Tonota South/East means that the coalition has two representatives in the same ward.

In an interview with The Botswana Gazette, the Chairman of the BNF in Tonota, Chango Gulubane, said the situation has brought confusion because the constituency knew Kenosi as the candidate for the ward despite rumours linking Sepora to it.


“What we know is that our candidate for this ward is Kenosi but we have also heard that Sepora is also a candidate,” he said. “We do not know how this is possible because the BPF withdrew from the opposition coalition.

“Besides, the BNF has been allocated this constituency. Because this is causing confusion, we will write to the UDC to seek clarity on the issue.”

The BNF recently conducted the disputed primaries in Tonota constituency from which Gaefele Sedombo was declared the parliamentary candidate after he won against Dr Marape Marape.

Re-run never held

Kenosi was declared the candidate for a council ward in Tonota Southeast alongside candidate for other wards in the constituency.

However, Dr Marape rejected the results and demanded a re-run that was eventually scheduled for May 18 but was never conducted.