UDC/BMD saga could jeopardize election preparations

  • Court postpones UDC/BMD case
  • BMD says postponement a blow for elections preparations
  • UDC says they are not bothered by postponement


The postponement of the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) and Umbrella For Democratic Party (UDC) court case to the end of August could jeopardize general elections preparations and campaigns.

Many had hoped the case would end soon to give the two parties an allowance to campaign with UDC party symbols without fears that the court may rule otherwise. The BMD is currently challenging their expulsion from the UDC seeking to be brought back into the party to also campaign as the UDC. Should the BMD contest be successful, challenges will emerge prompting the UDC affiliates to find another solution.

President of the UDC Duma Boko said should they lose, they will respect the court’s decision but they will have to call a special congress at which the BMD will be expelled again. He said the UDC does not want BMD at all in its current form and shape. The remaining UDC affiliates have already distributed BMD constituencies amongst themselves.

BMD Chairman, Nehemiah Modubule told this publication that both parties should be worried because from where they are standing no party will be allowed to campaign or stand for election under the UDC name or symbol should the court case go beyond the elections.

“The court case postponement is a big blow for all of us. Forget the excitement, we are all in danger and must be honest with our voters.” he said, adding that they are adamant that they will also contest as UDC in the upcoming elections.

For the UDC, the postponement does not change anything; Boko said life continues as it has been. “Nothing has changed, we are the UDC and the campaign continues. Forget the noise and misleading narratives from BMD. The fact is that they are the ones in danger,” he said.

Addressing court attendants yesterday, he said his deputy Dumelang Saleshando is focusing on tightening their manifesto while a team of lawyers are guarding closely against the case and making sure that all goes according to plan.

The UDC is of the view that Pilane erred by not registering the case as an urgent matter and should live with the error. Moreover, Modubule said they did not register the case as an urgent matter because they had information that the UDC affiliates had vowed to oppose the urgency matter.

The BMD is arguing that procedure was not followed prior to their dismissal and wants to be brought back into the UDC while the UDC is opposing the matter saying they are done with the BMD.