Will Khama return this month?

  • Has promised his uncles to return this month
  • Intends to celebrate his next birthday in Botswana


Former president Ian Khama has reportedly proposed to return to Botswana this month after being away for more than two months, The Botswana Gazette has established.

Even so, his foundation is not aware of the dates being bandied around.

Khama is said to have informed his close circle as well as his uncles in Serowe that he is preparing to return home just before his birthday on 27 February.

“He has proposed dates of his return but there is also a possibility of him postponing them,” said a Khama confidant who cannot be quoted. “He wants to come celebrate his birthday here at home with his people.”

It is said plans are underway to hold a massive arrival ceremony upon his return. “There are citizens of this country who mostly have been based overseas and some foreign natives that will be arriving with him on that day,” the confidant said. “It is going to be a huge welcome ceremony. We have already organised about 11 buses for that day.”

But the CEO of SKI Khama Foundation, Mogomotsi Kaboeamodimo, says he was not aware of any proposed date for Khama’s arrival.

Meanwhile, the former president’s uncles held a Kgotla meeting in Serowe on Friday last week to update Ba-Ga-Mma-Ngwato on his well-being and plans of his return home. One of his uncles, Kgosi Mokhutshwane Sekgoma, told the morafe that his safety would be a factor in the final decision for his return.

Also speaking at the Kgotla, the Acting Kgosi of BaNgwato, Sedieng Kgamane, appealed to the government to stop harassing Khama once he returns.

Khama is currently the subject of criminal investigations by the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Service for illegal possession of arms of war and treason.