Young Batswana Rise at Desai Law Group

Eleng Mugabe and Walter Mushi appointed Junior Partners

The calibre of attorneys in Botswana is very much on par, if not beyond, that of international markets and needs to be celebrated for its unique standard of excellence and depth of talent. This is the sentiment of Desai Law Group (DLG) where the belief is strong that the legal sector has a duty to nurture and empower young Batswana in the field to rise and redefine the standard of legal practice. This is very much rooted in the purpose of DLG and demonstrated in news of DLG attorneys Eleng Mugabe and Walter Mushi being appointed as Junior Partners. The tow make Partner early in their careers in the highly competitive legal fraternity and yet on a foundation of incredible professional effort.

The legal space in Botswana has always been regarded strongly but many graduates find themselves challenged to make their mark. Today the landscape in transforming, and with it come a need for legal firms to be more agile, innovative and inclusive. It is about cultivating the natural talent that young Batswana have to offer and grooming them as future leaders in the industry. As the saying goes, “Temogo boleng ke tswelolopele ya bokamoso” (let us realise value in tomorrow’s progression).

With the vote of confidence of DLG’s Partners, Eleng and Walter have passed the rigorous process of rising up the internal ranks, emerging ready to take on the next phase of their professional journeys and adding even greater value to the firm and its client base.

Says DLG Managing Partner, Rizwan Desai: “When we first opened our doors, we knew DLG was about doing things differently. We would provide a complete legal and advisory solution through our tailor-made, nuanced insights and experiences, yet with a personalised touch. Our clients, until today, can always count on us for quality, individual attention and carefully considered guidance.

“For this to be truly effective and sustainable, we need to have the very best talent, and I am pleased to say that both Eleng and Walter are certainly testament to that.They are great examples of the fact that we have all the raw talent needed in-country in the legal profession. As DLG, we are extremely well-placed to serve the nation and its corporates with the added depth of skill brought by Eleng and Walter. We are incredibly proud and confident about this new chapter before them as they join the fold of Partners of the firm.”

At 30, Eleng has over six years of corporate commercial law experience and is a key member of the firm’s Corporate Department, specialising in mergers and acquisitions, equity capital markets and competition law. She has advised domestic and international, private and listed companies across a myriad of sectors. Having always been passionate about the marriage between business and law, her unique perspective, commitment to excelling in her field and changing the narrative of women in commercial law remains a guiding light in her already strong career path.

“In many ways, I believe law chose me, and I have a passion and duty to make a meaningful contribution not simply to my profession but to my colleagues, clients, communities and indeed our nation,” she says. “The ability of the law to bring transformation is incredible, and I am fortunate to be able to work in this space every day.”

The passion and energy that Eleng brings to the firm and indeed to the Junior Partnership is matched by Walter’s own discipline, ambition and sense of balance. His specialty lies in Mercantile Law with a focus on Competition Law. This includes expertise in corporate/commercial, mergers and acquisitions insolvency and restructuring, regulatory, dispute resolution, financial markets, and ICT/ Telecommunications.

Says Walter: “Words like ‘innovation’ and ‘agility’ are not ones you typically find associated with our discipline. And yet, balanced with a focus on ethics and best practice, they are central to shaping the future of legal practice in Botswana. We have an incredible opportunity to learn from those before us and around us because the most important aspect of any firm is its people. We see this every day as DLG. The onus is on us to turn this into something incredible, and I welcome this challenge every day, working to always be a driver of progress on the legal front lines.”

The duo’s expertise complements the wide array of professional legal solutions and advisory services offered by DLG at a level of excellence even beyond Botswana’s borders. This is buttressed by the DLG perspective that what clients need is not simply a lawyer or a legal opinion but strategic, informed and passionate legal partners to support them. This outlook is embodied in the DNA of all those at DLG.

Desai notes: “We area proudly 100% citizen equity-owned firm that remains dedicated to growing the legal sector and empowering young and talented legal practitioners to thrive. This has always been our ambition from when we first opened our doors and it remains at the heart of what we do. As a collegiate law firm with skill and talent to specialise across various fields of corporate commercial law, we aim to leave behind a legacy that contributes to the development of our nation as an international-level firm in the heart of Botswana.”

As DLG recognises the momentous achievement of Eleng and Walter, we celebrate the passion, energy and talent that our legal sector embodies ahead of an even brighter future and remain committed to growing our industry on the foundations of the excellence that we always strove for.