ZCC Members’ Joy short-lived as Church remains largely Closed

  • Social distancing and masks fall away but Moria-run denomination remains cautions
  • Members choose to stay home to wait for full resumption of services


When the leadership of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) in Moria, South Africa revealed in April that church premises could be opened for services, members who had longed to return to their homes of worship were over the moon.

However, it turns out that their long wait is not yet over.  “Since the state of disaster is lifted in countries where ZCC has footprints, the church has decided to reopen its branches after engaging internal and external stakeholders,” Moria announced in April.
But since making the much-publicised announcement that some services could resume with strict compliance with COVID-19 protocols, members seem to have decided to wait for full resumption of services.

Dove insignia
It is reportedly worse for the ZCC of the Dove insignia which, unlike its Star counterpart, has not moved an inch to open its doors after universal relaxation of COVID-19 protocols.
The Ministry of Health recently announced that the wearing of masks outdoors will no longer be mandatory and that social distancing will also be optional. Despite this, members of the Moria-run denomination are still in the dark about when full services will resume.

Some observers have warned that further delays could lead to backsliding in faith for some members.

The denomination is notable for the abiding reverence for its leader, His Grace the Right Reverend Bishop Dr Barnabas Lekganyane, by members. But he has warned them against non-compliance.

“Non-compliance will not be tolerated at all and strict and harsh steps will be taken against those found to be non-compliant as emphasised by Lekganyane on the 09th of April 2022,” the communique states.

The communique also warned of regular monitoring and evaluation for compliance at all branches with regular quarterly reporting to Moria.