78.7% buy groceries in bulk monthly

As a firm that focuses on market research, polls, and surveys among others, we hope to bring you enlightenment through this week’s article which exemplifies market research focusing on how consumers prefer to do their grocery shopping.


In a previous article, we mentioned how only 4.4% of the survey participants did not worry about pricing during grocery, meaning that a significant 95.4% considered pricing of items first before buying. According to a study titled ‘An Analysis of Supermarket Pricing: The Case of Selected Supermarkets in Gaborone Botswana’, by Paul Mburu and Chirayath R Sathyamoorthi, consumers are very sensitive to prices and usually do their shopping at the beginning or the end of the month when there are promotions running in shops.


To probe further into this consumer behavior, our survey on Meeticks Surveys, revealed that out of the 630 respondents, 78.7% confirmed that they buy their basic grocery items in bulk once in a month. 13.6% alluded to buying their groceries on a weekly and bi-weekly basis while the remaining 7.7% buy smaller quantities on a day-to-day basis.


The consumers who buy their basic groceries in bulk once monthly, mostly buy from wholesalers while others buy in retail shops which always have specials and promotions. The majority in this group (96.3%) are sensitive to prices hence they only buy whenever there are special price promotions. As we near the end of the year, long queues of women with boxes of groceries will be a common feature in some grocery shops, showcasing another group that buys basics in bulk annually. This data helps grocery shop owners and managers to know when to stock as well as to come up with strategies to boost sales in their shops.


We hope that this article was insightful and that it demonstrated to some extent the importance of market research or data in business decision-making. As stated above, we offer market research and data analysis through surveys, feasibility studies, polls, among other data-related services.

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