BNF celebrates Eid Mubarak with Muslim community

The Botswana NationalFront (BNF) would liketo join the Muslim Communityin its celebration of EidMubarak. This comes after the IslamicHoly month of Ramadaanhas passed. The past month hasseen the Muslims depriving themselvesof food and drink from beforesunrise until sunset, solely forthe pleasure of their Almighty. Thepractice of fasting serves to remindhumanity of the pains and hardshipswhich the poor and needyface on daily basis.


It is also meantto purify one who fasts from anyindecent act or speech. It also helpsthe poor and the less fortunate tocelebrate the day in a pleasurablemanner.The month of Ramadan is aboutdiscipline, sacrifi ce and care for theless fortunate. These are lessonsthat as a nation we should embracethroughout our lives to ensure thatwe take care of the less fortunateand raise the moral calibrationwithin our society.Moeti Mohwasa BNF Informationand Publicity Secretary