Brand Chat Series: Telling the Story of Batswana Brands

Over the past few years, we have seen growth of local brands in multiple industries such as retail and textile.

The objective of Brand Chat series is to, look at different local brands and tell their brand story.

PART 1: Collections by BK Proctor 
We first heard of his name as an artist and producer. However, BK Proctor has diversified his portfolio and established his clothing label Collections by BK Proctor, which has been worn by celebrities such as award-winning actress and producer Connie Ferguson, hip-hop icon Scar and several other local social media influencers.

  1.    What are three words to describe the brand?
    “Creative, Life-Changing, Quality”.
  2.    Who/what inspired the brand Collections by BK Proctor?
    – “Initially, it was created to fuse Sneakers & Apparel with BK Proctor’s music and brand.
    The inspiration and focus then evolved to be more about giving the local market something they are not used to”.
  3.   What makes the brand unique?
    “We design, develop and manufacture products that not only suit their purpose but also have a unique sense of style and design”.
  4.    What is the brand’s story?
    “Collections by BK Proctor was founded in Botswana in 2017 by Bokang Proctor.
    Proctor, the Founding CEO, is the lead designer and production manager. All their products are designed in Botswana and produced in Asia. Collections by BK Proctor was officially launched in August 2018 and opened its first flagship store in May 2019”.
  5.    What is the brand personality?
    “We simply explore diverse lifestyles at the intersection of art and fashion using our creativity as an outlet to power positive change”.
  6.   How would you describe your products?
    “Seamless, innovative and of the highest possible quality”.
  7. What problems are you trying to solve?
    “None. We are simply producing designs we love and hoping they will resonate the same way with our clientele”.
  8. What informs your pricing?
    “Cost of Production and Brand Position”.
  9.    Who is your target market?
    “We aim to bring to life high-quality masterpiece designs for the globally conscious consumer”.
  10. How do you deal with consumer resistance to buying your product?
    “We thank them for their initial consideration, try to help them understand our business model, and hope for a positive outcome”.
  11. What are your biggest pain points with the current market offerings?
    “None. We simply focused on our business goals and targets”.
  12.   What is the thinking process behind your marketing strategy?
    “We now live in a world where content is consumed on a daily. We are just trying to be part of those conversations to expose our products to potential buyers”.
  13. Where can people buy your products?
    “At our Design Studio-Stores and Online outlets. Physical Design Studio-Store located at Fairground Mall, Gaborone. We are looking to open a few more soon”.
  14. Advise aspiring business owners in the same industry
    “Find your path and try to compete globally”.