Exit interview, a critical feedback research

As a research firm that focuses on market research, polls, surveys, among others, we hope to bring insights to you through today’s article on the critical importance of interviewing staff that are leaving the company.
The employee is an internal customer for every organisation or company who is also very vital for its growth and success. Employees play an integral part in how a brand is perceived and received in the market therefore it is critical to be in check with their levels of engagement and satisfaction. Inevitably, employees leave or switch their jobs periodically due to different reasons including but not limited to hostile environments, a desire to grow, and health reasons among others.
In some companies, employees who are leaving, are requested to go through an exit interview. The purpose of the exit interview is basically to establish the reasons why the employee would be leaving, and it is not meant to be a routine. It is believed that a leaving employee can be very honest with their feedback as they no longer have fears of victimisation within the company.
An exit interview can therefore be used as a form of research that a business embarks on, in order to establish how it can improve its employees’ levels of engagement and satisfaction. If exit interviews are embarked on properly, they feed into decision making, improving the working environment and at times restructuring remuneration or internal processes.
Ultimately, this reduces the rate of staff turnover in the company. Needless to say, when employee turnover happens, companies may lose employee productivity, be forced to recruit new employees who need training, suffer from lower staff morale, miss out on sales opportunities, and have to deal with additional expenses that could have been avoided if they had just held onto the employee in the first place. On the basis of the above, it is therefore critical that exit interviews are properly done, either in-house through the HR department or through an independent market research firm.
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