Peer Reviews Survey Critical

As a firm specializing in market research and data analysis through surveys, feasibility studies, polls, among others, we hope to bring valuable insights through today’s article as we focus on peer reviews in the workplace.

It is an undeniable fact that every business requires competent, efficient, and highly motivated staff. The simple fact that an employee is given a good salary does not necessarily mean that they will perform effectively on the job. Various other factors may pull down staff morale and motivation at work.

For example, if a supervisor is rude and derogatory to other staff members, the morale in that group will obviously fall. Experts tell us that people leave people not companies. A comprehensive employee engagement study by Gallup dubbed “The State of the American Manager,” revealed that 50% of Americans had left a job to “get away from their manager at some point in their career.” In addition, the study also found that managers contributed to low employee engagement at work by a whopping 70%.

Closer home, CareerJunction concluded from their survey findings (2019) that one-third (33%) of South African employees from the 3,000 people who had participated in the survey, left their jobs at some point because of a bad boss.

To avoid a high staff turnover, it is important to periodically get your staff members to review each other in a very confidential and productive manner. As an example, an independent research firm can be brought into the picture to facilitate the peer review exercise or conduct a deeper employee engagement survey where responses are collected anonymously. That way, the staff members are able to respond authentically without fear of being victimised as opposed to one that is conducted internally.

Resultantly, top management gets valuable feedback. Armed with information on the levels of staff morale, business owners will be able to make crucial decisions which ensure that they retain critical and motivated staff.

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