The Art of great service

It was on a Monday morning when I was sitting in a quiet coffee shop that I frequent in town, contemplating my week. I was going over a jam-packed to-do list in my head, and frantically obsessing over how the week ahead will not have enough hours for motherhood, the pursuit of fitness, work deadlines, and the maize of meetings I have to navigate in order to get things done. I was lost in this train of thought, when suddenly I was nudged into the present by a smiling waitress who presented me with a beautiful and aromatic cappuccino, it was adorned with a big white heart in the middle and had my name written on it.

The gorgeous coffee and the smile behind it immediately changed the perspective of my morning. I had been so worried about my week that I had not noticed that woman’s welcoming smile, but she noticed ME, she knew I needed a ‘pick me up.’ She went an extra mile and made sure that my morning coffee did more than just give me a caffeine boost, it was beautiful, artistic, made with love and the extra effort of putting my name on it to make me feel at home, and taken care of.

I suddenly felt a surge of energy and I believed I could take on my day, my week. I actually felt like I could take on the world (although I am sure the caffeine had a part to play). I believe that saint of a waitress, with her warm smile, attention to detail and amazing service changed my day and my week with just a cup of coffee and a smile.

Imagine what else could be changed if service providers had that same attitude towards dealing with clients. I believe we would be much happier as a nation if we put a little extra effort in assisting each other, whether you are at a bank, filling station or hospital, a little kindness goes a long way. Going the extra mile for customers will improve their attitude towards you and the organization as a whole. Think of the ripple effect that could happen if a team of service providers in an organization decides to up their game, always serve with a smile and go the extra mile to assist customers, ensuring that every customer leaves having found the service they were looking for, and if not then having information on where to look next.

The reputation of the organization will improve, bringing more clients, and more income, this could result in pay raises for the said team, or promotions or even new and better jobs because the person you are assisting today could be your potential partner, investor or employer. Let’s take on this challenge, improve our service delivery, to enhance someone’s day and have a productive week.

Neo Mosimane
Guest Columnist