BAA Dominates Sports Awards Nominee List

  • As expected, wing-footed sprinter Letsile Tebogo is a leading contender for Sportsman of the Year title that is expected to go to him


Botswana’s Athletics Association (BAA) has once again proved its prominence in national sports by securing the most nominations ahead of the upcoming Botswana Sports Awards.

Athletics stars and related participants are highlighted in seven out of 10 categories, underscoring the sport’s integral role in the nation’s sporting success.

The prestigious event is set to take place on 18 May 2024 at the Royal Aria Convention Centre in Tlokweng where Botswana’s most distinguished athletes and sports figures will gather.

Impact on youth development

On the list, standout junior athlete Sethunya Majama leads the pack for Junior Sportswoman of the Year. Other nominees in the category are Natalie Banda of chess and Neo Nogampe of judo.

In the Junior Sportsman category, Busang Collen Kebinatshipi represents athletics, marking another nod to the sport’s impact on youth development.

Kao Nsala of karate and Denzel Seetso of tennis are other nominees in the category.

Motor sport

The Sportsman of the Year category sees Letsile Tebogo (who else?), the wing-footed sprinter who has been commanding attention with his exceptional performances on the international stage, as a major contender.

Tebogo’s nomination not only highlights his personal achievements but also underscores the global reach of Botswana’s athletics talent.

Ross Branch of motor sport and Karabo Motlhanka of cricket are other nominees in the category.

Depth and team spirit

Additionally, the Men’s U20 4x400m Relay Team has obtained a nomination for Team of the Year, illustrating the depth and team spirit inherent in Botswana’s track and field efforts.

They will be up against the Lawn Bowls Women’s National Team and Karate Men’s Team Kata.

In the Sportswoman of the Year category, Oratile Nowe added to the athletics list where she is up against Refilwe Tholakele of football and Lesego Masimola of karate.

Athletics also shines bright in the coaching domain where Kebonyemodisa Dose Mosimanyane has been nominated for Coach of the Year.

Established and emerging

In the administrative wing, Moses Bantsi is nominated for Sports Administrator of the Year, testament to his effective management and leadership in the athletics sector which have been crucial in organising, developing, and promoting sports events that spotlight established and emerging athletes alike.

The overwhelming presence of athletics on the nominations list is a clear indicator of the sport’s role as a cornerstone of Botswana’s athletic policy and its potential for nurturing talents that can compete both at home and abroad.

But while athletics may have dominated this year’s nominations, other sports have also seen significant representation, highlighting the diversity and depth of Botswana’s sporting culture.

Non-citizens’ category

Notable mentions include nominees from judo, karate, football and even chess, proving that the country’s sports development programmes span a broad spectrum.

The non-citizens’ category also brings global talent into the limelight, acknowledging the contributions of international coaches and players to enriching Botswana’s sports scene.