BAA’s Track and Field Series 2 “Went Well”

  • More qualified for African Games and other int’l meets
  • Concerns about Time Tronic eliminated
  • More qualifications expected at events in Gabs and F/town




Botswana Athletics Association’s (BAA) Track and Field Series 2 went well because it dispelled concerns about the organisation’s electronic timekeeping system and witnessed remarkable performances by seasoned athletes and promising newcomers.


Reflecting on the event that took place in Francistown last Saturday, BAA’s vice president responsible for administration, Oabona Theetso, singled out elimination of doubts around Time Tronic for special mention.


“That is a positive development in terms of electronic timing,” he said before turning to the state of athletes at the beginning of the season.


Bayapo Ndori’s dominance


“We never expect them to be outstanding when the season begins but they usually shine when the season gains momentum,” he noted.


He said the standout performances at the Francistown meet included Bayapo Ndori’s dominance in the 200m, clocking an impressive 20.91s and securing his qualification for the African Games in Ghana in March.


“Leungo Scotch also left a mark in the 100m, registering a pleasing time,” Theetso said. “Kevin Lobatlamang and Zibani Ngozi displayed their prowess in the 400m, with the latter recording a commendable time of 46.05s.


More notable achievements


“The return of Ditiro Nzamani after a long absence due to injury added to the event’s significance. He may not be at his best but we hope he’ll improve in the course of time.”


More notable achievements were the qualification of more athletes for the African Games, including Obakeng Kamberuka in the women’s 200m.


With more competitions in Gaborone on 10 February 10 and another in Francistown on 17 February, BAA anticipates more athletes to secure their spots in various international meets.


Tshepiso Masalela in France


Meanwhile, Botswana recently made another noteworthy achievement on the international stage when the men’s 800m sensation. Tshepiso Masalela, triumphed in the race at the Meeting Metz in France.


“Masalela not only clinched victory but also set a record in the 800m with an impressive time of 1:45.56s,” said Theetso.


“We are very proud of him. He is coming up and adds to the list of athletes who have already qualified for the Olympics.”