BFA Revokes Administrative Powers From BPL 

The BFA says the temporary arrangement means “the Premier League and the National First Division shall be run under the auspices of the BFA at the start of the 2024-2025 season” 


The Botswana Football Association (BFA) has elected to take back the Botswana Football League’s (BFL) administrative powers in a bid to enhance the league body’s regulatory framework and administrative oversight.

A resolution to restructure the autonomy of BFL was adopted by the BFA’s National Executive Committee (NEC) on 24 May to pave the way for BFA to regain control of BFL.

The BFA granted the Botswana Premier League autonomy in 2020 as a means towards formation of BFL, which had the power to negotiate its own commercial deals and govern the league body without reporting to the BFA.

Administrative problems 

However, BFL is yet to find a title sponsor for a league that continues to be plagued by administrative problems and financial disparities between clubs.

Radical move

In a press statement released last week, the BFA explained its decision for the radical move.

“The BFA has decided to temporarily take back the regulatory and administrative powers that it had previously delegated to the BFL for the operation of professional football,” it said.

“The decision has been taken to allow for a proper transitional process to take place and to equip the BFL with the necessary tools and strengthen its governance and administrative capacity in transitioning autonomy back to the BFL.”

Four-phase approach 

The BFA stated that the transitional period will have a four-phase approach that will be structured to ensure the eventual return of well-grounded autonomy to BFL.

“The transition process will commence with the 2024-2025 football season, ensuring a smooth and efficient transfer of responsibilities back to the BFA,” the statement continued.

“Therefore, both the Premier League and the National First Division shall be run under the auspices of the BFA at the start of the 2024-2025 season.”

Growth and development 

According to the BFA, this decision was taken in the best interests of Botswana football with the goal of “enhancing the regulatory framework and administrative oversight to foster growth and development in our football”.

“Moreover,” it added, “(the decision was taken) to ensure that the Premier League teams and the BFL assume full professionalism and commercialisation.”