The Big Break as Bouncy Bags First Int’l Gig in Ireland 

  • Says the muso who has vowed go ntsha ga tshwene: “I am the perfect export. My music is a perfect blend of the Botswana sound and a dash of urban sound.”


In a significant milestone for her burgeoning career, talented musician Maureen “Bouncy” Maila has secured her first international booking to perform in Ireland.

This momentous development will coincide with celebrations of Botswana’s independence on 30 September, marking a proud and thrilling chapter in her journey as a musician.

“This is a huge opportunity to sell my culture through my sound because I incorporate our Setswana sound into my music,” she told Time Out.

Universal appeal

“This is one of the easiest performances I have ever had to get ready for because I am the perfect export. My music is a perfect blend of the Botswana sound and a dash of urban sound.”

Bouncy’s first international booking in Ireland is a testament to her rising star power and the universal appeal of her music.

She has been invited to perform at a special event to celebrate Botswana’s independence, an occasion that holds deep personal significance for her.

A new audience

The booking not only marks her official debut on the international stage but will also allow her to share her heritage and culture with a new audience.

“I got together with my glam squad for an outfit and look that resonates with the day and our culture and still morphing into Bouncy as the brand,” said the ‘Peter’ hitmaker.

“I am back in the gym to work on my stamina in order to ensure an electrifying performance for the Irish and have started rehearsals.

Vibrant celebration 

“I am going to showcase how we are a nation with a rich culture that can be exported to other countries, especially our traditional sound.

“I love that I took the route of incorporating our sound into my music. It makes this very easy because not only does it sell our sound but it resonates with everyone regardless of their age or race.”

Organised by Afrish Brand, the event is designed to be a vibrant celebration of Botswana culture, featuring traditional games, cuisine, music and clothing in the stalls.


Bouncy’s performance will be the highlight of the evening, showcasing her ability to blend modern and traditional elements in her music.

Says she: “I decided to perform songs like ‘Mabinaditsholwa’ and ‘Warrior’ that have a strong sense of our traditional sound.

“I will take moments during the performance to engage the audience to participate in certain songs and traditional dances while educating them about our culture and the significance of our Independence Day.”

The excitement surrounding Bouncy’s international debut is palpable. With her fans eagerly anticipating her performance, there is a sense of pride in seeing a local artist take to the global stage.


For Bouncy, this event is just the beginning because she plans to use the momentum gained to explore further international opportunities.

“Performing so far away from home is going to really change how people view my brand because now they will see there is no place we can’t fit,” she reflects.

“Finally, my people will get to see why I belong on that stage because ke a go ntsha ga tshwene (I am going to give it my all).”