BNOC Elective AGM Postponed Again

Gazette Reporter

Botswana National Olympic Committee (BNOC) has postponed its highly anticipated elective general assembly that was schedule for October 16th in Gaborone due to administration issues that did not sit well with affiliates. The assembly that was initially scheduled for September 2021 when the 4-year term of the current leadership elapses is now set for November 6th.The affiliates that comprise various Olympics sport national associations showed displeasure on how the current leadership wanted to handle the elections procedure after series of administrative issues arised in the process.

There are several issues that led to the postponement of the general assembly which were deemed unconstitutional by the affiliates who were allegedly coaxed to adopt the constitution that was recently amended by the board a few days before the elections. The other big issue is the withdrawal of Karate and Softball from the voters roll because they are not considered as full members of the national Olympic committee but associate members, therefore they do not have voting rights more especially that they won’t be part of the 2024 Olympics in Paris, France after they made a debut at the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics in July. This is despite the fact that they have rights to access other BNOC services such as financial support for their projects and athletes development but not voting rights.

The two associations argued that they have been voting all along and they are still considered as full members until the 4th of November when it will be decided. “The BNOC does not only cater for the Olympics as they want to present themselves, but Karate is also a member of commonwealth games, and they will be part of the Dakar 2026 Youth Olympics and the 2023 Beach games which are still under BNOC, and we don’t see any reason for such codes to be withdrawn from this year’s elections voters roll. As we speak, we have representatives that are part of nominating their preferred candidates to stand for elections and how are they going to be withdrawn while our members were part of the nominations process? It does not make any sense and BNOC must not try any tactics to favour the outgoing leadership,” they said.

The other delay was that the BNOC had to change and elect the new electoral committee that will oversee the election process. Information reaching the Gazette Sport through a close source known to this publication is that BNOC was also told to put their finances in order before they think of presenting to the assembly because they did not make any sense to the affiliates.

“The BNOC board has had over 5 special general meetings recently to address elections issues, which is unusual for a committee that has been at the helm of the organisation for the past 4 years. They are now panicking and feeling the pressure from the affiliates, how can one amend the constitution and want people to adopt it immediately without even understanding simply because they want to cover up for the elections, what have they been doing for the past 4 years? Their finances are not in order, and nothing has been done but they knew about the elections way back. November 6th is the last day and we are going to vote wisely,” said the source.

The deadline for all nominations will be closed on Wednesday 13th and names of all nominees will be published on Friday 15th.Sensei Ookeditse Malesu and Tirelo Mokokomani have been nominated to face the incumbent, Colonel. Botsang Tshenyego for the position of President. Reports suggest that Malesu has an edge over other candidates because his lobby list consists of codes that are performing well as they are also of the view that the BNOC needs a different person who comes with fresh ideas.

Mokokomani might stand as an independent candidate as well as Tshepo Sitale who is reported to have had a fall out with his master Col. Tshenyego going into this year’s elections. The current BNOC board is as follows; Col. Tshenyego (President), Sitale (Senior Vice President), Moses Moruisi (1st Vice President), Bernadette Moruti (2nd Vice President) , Yarona Sharp (Board Member), Michael Moroka (Board Member), Tebo Segaise (Board Member) and Oteng Oteng (Board Member).