BNOC Olympic Medal Target Likely to Increase

  • As COVID-19 forces Olympics to be postponed to 2021


With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics being postponed by about one year, there is a likelihood that the Botswana National Olympic Committee (BNOC) will increase their target medal for the games, BNOC Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tuelo Serufho has said.

Botswana initially set itself a target of two medals for the Olympics which were billed for Tokyo, Japan from the 24 of July to the 9 of August. They were postponed due to stain of the COVID-19 pandemic which its death toll globally is increasing daily.

“The target will not be reduced but it will rather stay the same or increase. There is no way we will reduce the target because most of the athletes that we were or are putting our hopes on still have age on their side,” Serufho noted in an interview with this publication. “And they will still be active next year, so if the target does not stay the same, it will increase.”

The BNOC CEO went on to note that the decision of whether the medal target stays the same or increases will depend on the National Associations (NSAs). “They have to submit their new plans and budgets to us before the end of this month and we will use such to determine the number of medals,” he said. “That is because if they request a certain amount they will have to justify how that money is going to be used and benefit the nation in terms of medals.”

Meanwhile, Serufho noted that the postponement gives them time to look for more funds and prepare further. “Like I said, we are just waiting for the NSAs to submit their adjusted plans and budget,” he said. “We will then review , consolidate them and go to the Ministry of Sport as well as other possible sponsors to request for funds so that the NSAs can prepare.”