Bond Boxing Promotions Dazzles Crowd with Stunning Bouts and Controversy 

The night was not short on controversy at all, particularly in the heated bout between Tefo Letshikgwane and Bongani Makorova 


Bond Boxing Promotions delivered a gripping spectacle during its second edition of the Fight Night Championship on Friday night.

Kago Raokgwathile’s knockout victory against the seasoned Onkarabile Mothibedi was just one of the many highlights that left the audience in awe.

However, the night was not short on controversy, particularly in the heated bout between Tefo Letshikgwane and Bongani Makorova.

Mokorova seemed to not accept the results, claiming that he had won. The judges scored the fight in 78-74, 78-74 and 79-73 meaning that Letshigwane won.

Much adrenaline

The event had kicked off with a clash between Kobamelo Molatlhegi and Kennedy Sebekedi, setting the tone for an evening of much adrenaline and anticipation.

The Tshepang Gomotho versus Brian Gagolemogwe face-off showcased a classic battle of stature, captivating the crowd’s attention as people marvelled at what was a clash of contrasting physical attributes.

Furthermore, Lentswe Zwinile’s resilience against the formidable rookie Rudolph Roux, who brought forth a display of sheer determination even though he received a storm of powerful punches from his counterpart was a fight worth to watch.


The fight ended in 60-54, 60-54 and 60-54. meaning that Zwinile won.

Bond Ngubula, the manager of Bond Boxing Promotions, emphasised the event’s growth, highlighting the audience’s overall satisfaction, a testament to the organisation’s commitment to enhancing the boxing experience.

But despite the fervour surrounding the matches, Ngubula acknowledged the challenges of operating with a tight budget. Even so, he expressed confidence in their seasoned expertise to navigate such obstacles seamlessly.

Asked about the measures taken to ensure boxer safety and well-being, Ngubula iterated the promotion’s unwavering dedication to adhering to global health standards.

On-site medical professionals


Rigorous medical check-ups, on-site medical professionals, and advance notice of fights were cited as routine protocols, underlining the priority placed on the boxers’ physical readiness and welfare.

Reflecting on experience enhancement initiatives, Ngubula underscored the organisation’s meticulous attention to detail, emphasising their comprehensive approach to attendee satisfaction.

From first-class accommodation to delectable cuisine and engaging entertainment, every aspect of the evening was meticulously curated to ensure a seamless and memorable experience for all.