Botswana Tennis Stars Make a Mark on American College Tennis Scene  

Ekua Refilwe Youri and Tshepo Mosarwa are two of Botswana’s leading lights on the US college tennis scene where their outstanding performances should inspire more young Batswana to seek to emulate them 


The autumn college tennis season in the United States has taken off with a whirlwind of excitement, and it seems Botswana has found itself in the spotlight, thanks to the remarkable performances of its tennis sensations.

One name that is making waves in the American college tennis world is Ekua Refilwe Youri, the rising star from Botswana who has been showcasing her prowess on the courts.

Representing the University of San Antonio, Youri’s journey in the ACU Invitational has been nothing short of remarkable.

Youri at the pinnacle

The prestigious collegiate tennis tournament saw her reach the pinnacle of success as she battled her way to the singles finals. Her impressive run through the tournament showcased her exceptional skills, determination and unwavering spirit.

“It’s a good performance by Youri,” said the president of Botswana Tennis Association (BTA), Oaitse Thipe, in a telephone interview. “She is one of the upcoming top tennis players and one of the players who have been doing well in the past two years. It is great that she now reached the finals in USA.”

Mosarwa: A Rising Talent in the ITA Sewanee

Another Botswana tennis sensation who has been making his mark on the American college tennis scene is Tshepo Mosarwa. Competing in the ITA Sewanee tournament in Tennessee, Mosarwa reached the last 16 in the singles category.

Trust Tshepo to attract attention

His performance has garnered attention and admiration from tennis enthusiasts and scouts alike. Mosarwa’s journey at North Carolina Wesleyan has not only showcased his skills but also highlighted the potential that Botswana has to offer in the world of collegiate tennis.

With determination and dedication, he is poised to become a rising star in the sport. “Mosarwa has been doing pretty well in the USA and we are really impressed with this performance. He is coming up really well,” Thipe stated.

Botswana’s presence in American college tennis extends beyond just Youri and Mosarwa. Several other talented players from this country have embarked on their tennis journeys in the United States, representing various universities and colleges. 

More tennis talent from Botswana 

Among them are Thato Holmes and Tshegofatso Tsiang at North Carolina Wesleyan, Kao Lenkopane at the University of Ozarks, Thato Faith Madikwe at Southern Minnesota University, and Bonolo Molefe at Lewis Clark University.

“These players are role models to our young players,” Thipe told this publication. “One good thing about the players in the USA is that they got their sponsorships through tennis, which should motivate young players.”