Botswana Women’s Cricket Team to Leave for India Under Special Programme

  • BTA says programme holds great promise for cricket in Botswana
  • Programme includes grassroots level coaching clinics for boys


Botswana’s national women’s cricket team, the Herons, is due to leave for India as part of a comprehensive support from Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA)f or Botswana Cricket Association (BCA).

Coming under the auspices of the India High Commissioner to Botswana, Bharath Kumar Kuthati, BCA will make significant strides in its cricketing endeavours.

This historic partnership has laid the groundwork for a promising collaboration between BCA and KSCA, signalling a new chapter for Botswana’s cricketing landscape.

Early Christmas for The Herons

“Christmas has come early for the Botswana women’s team, The Herons, as we embark on this transformative journey,” said Sumod Damodar, the vice chairman of BCA in an interview.

“We are extremely privileged and excited to announce this partnership, which holds great promise for the future of cricket in our nation.”

Under the leadership of KSCA, an institution renowned for nurturing cricketing legends such as Gundappa Vishwanath, Anil Kumble, and Rahul Dravid, a comprehensive plan has been devised to fortify the ties between the two nations through cricket.

Bilateral relations

“KSCA is committed to leveraging cricket as a vehicle to foster a strong partnership with the BCA, bolstering India’s bilateral relations with the Republic of Botswana,” Damodar emphasised.

He said KSCA’s strategic plan encompasses three pivotal phases that cater for the specific needs and development of cricketing infrastructure in Botswana.

These phases are an immersive focus on women’s cricket, grassroots level boys coaching clinics, and structuring of cricket league matches to pave the way for comprehensive growth and sustenance of cricket in Botswana.

Coaching sessions

“We are extremely privileged and excited to announce that The Herons are scheduled to depart on November 2nd 2023, arriving at Bengaluru, India on the morning of November 3rd 2023,” Damodar said.

“They are scheduled to return on November 14th 2023. KSCA will extend expertise and resources to The Herons during their visit to Bengaluru.

“They will provide in-depth coaching sessions, practical training, and an immersive experience of the vibrant cricketing culture at the M Chinnaswamy International Stadium and the National Cricket Academy.”

All expenses

He acknowledged the generous support extended by the High Commissioner of India and KSCA, which will cover all expenses, including transportation, accommodation and meals for the team.

“BCA would like to express our warm and sincere appreciation to the High Commissioner of India and KSCA, for their willingness and unconditional support,” Damodar said.

He acknowledges the efforts and commitment of all stakeholders, including the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, the Botswana National Sports Commission and support personnel.

“We also appreciate the huge role, encouragement and support of the media in our continued quest and efforts to promote and grow the game by ‘Bringing Cricket to the Nation,’” he said.