BTA Hosts ITF J30 World Tennis Tour Juniors

  • Second leg due to take place from 8 to 13 April
  • Aim is to foster inclusivity and diversity in tennis


The Botswana Tennis Association (BTA) is currently hosting the prestigious International Tennis Federation (ITF) J30 World Tennis Tour Juniors in an effort to foster global participation and bolster local talent.

The inaugural leg of this tournament commenced on Monday this week and is slated to continue until 6 April while the second leg is scheduled to take place at the BTA Courts in Gaborone from 8 to 13 April.

The ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors serves as a paramount platform, extending young players aged 18 or under an opportunity to traverse the globe and hone their craft.

International exposure

In a recent telephone interview with Gazette Sports, the President of BTA, Oaitse Thipe, underscored the significance of hosting such tournaments, emphasising its pivotal role in cultivating local talent and facilitating international exposure.

“These tournaments not only provide a gateway for our players to refine their skills but also furnish them with invaluable international ranking points,” said Thipe.

“It’s a crucial stepping stone towards their professional development. As BTA, we will always host these kinds of tournament if we get a chance because we strongly believe in development.”

He asserted that the broader ambition of these tournaments and their pivotal role in fostering inclusivity and diversity within the sport.

Powerhouse nations

“These events are instrumental in encouraging widespread participation among young athletes of diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds,” Thipe stated.

“Our players will have the privilege of competing against peers from powerhouse nations such as the USA, France, India and Australia.”

He stressed the multifaceted benefits of hosting such prestigious events, noting the burgeoning economic opportunities that they engender.

Business prospects

“The ripple effect of these tournaments extend far beyond the court, creating a myriad of business prospects for local vendors and hospitality stakeholders,” he pointed out.

“By year’s end, we anticipate hosting a substantial number of international tennis tournaments, significantly bolstering our tennis ecosystem and the nation’s economy.”

Thipe emphasised the profound impact of these tournaments on nurturing future tennis luminaries, highlighting their pivotal role in paving the way for participation in esteemed competitions like Wimbledon and the US Open.