Brutal Fruit Spritzer Saturday: A Space to Unplug and Unwind 

As the glasses clinked and laughter filled the air, delicious food, the spirit of Easter and amazing music combined to create an unforgettable autumn experience, reinforcing Spritzer Saturday as an occasion of empowerment and joy for women, Staff Writer GOSEGO MOTSUMI reports

The Brutal Fruit Spritzer Saturday lifestyle event that was held at the picturesque Park 27 over the Easter weekend in Gaborone served as the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle to unplug, unwind and invest in the richness of real life connections.

Decked out in their most stylish and colourful outfits, women came out in their numbers to attended the decidedly popular event that has ensured that women from different walks of life belong.

“We are building a community of sisterhood, support and linkages within industries and between friend groups,” said Brutal Fruit Ambassador, Marang Selolwane, at the event.

All things feminine

“It is just a beautiful time for us as women to be relaxed and just be spoiled, enjoying the sparkling flavours of Brutal Fruit from our exquisite glassware.”

The vision of Manager of Brutal Fruit, Tjendzimu Maswibilili for the event was crystal clear: to introduce Brutal Fruit to Botswana, specifically targeting the country’s vibrant and dynamic women.

Her passion for embracing and enhancing all things feminine was evident throughout the event, creating an environment that celebrated womanhood in all its forms.

Under her guidance, Spritzer Saturday has become a beacon of empowerment and joy for women.


Beyond the picture-perfect settings, Brutal Fruit Saturday brunches are renowned for their delectable culinary experiences and music as key ingredients to any great brunch.

The performing lineup was nothing short of spectacular, featuring the incredible talents of Dolly the DJ, Tefo Foxx, Samantha Mogwe, and the evening’s headliner, Something Soweto.

Their performances created an atmosphere of pure musical bliss and ensured patrons created lasting memories.

Engaging touchpoints

The event elevated its festivities with the addition of exciting activities planned to further elevate the vibe.

Patrons were treated to an array of engaging touchpoints such as the photo wall, tasting station and the affirmation tree that stood as a powerful reminder of each guest’s inherent worth and individuality.

And then there was the Sip and Paint session that offered a cozy corner for creativity and intimacy, unlocking the artistic talents of many and fostering new connections.

As the glasses clinked and laughter filled the air at this event of good vibes, delicious food and amazing music combined to create an unforgettable autumn experience.