Delegates’ unhappiness leads to election postponement


The much publicized postponement of the Kweneng Regional Football Association (KRFA) has been linked to delegates’ decision to voice their complaints about certain contents of the voters’ roll draft. The KRFA elections were supposed to take place last weekend but they have been postponed to October 22 (this weekend).
Sources informed Gazette Sport that under normal circumstances KRFA elections were supposed to take place immediately after their Annual General Assembly but they received communication from the Botswana Football Association Electoral Committee about the postponement of elections.

Delegates unhappy
The sources claim that there two major discrepancies that stood out in the draft voters’ roll. The first complaint was that not all team reps’ names were included in the voters’ roll. The secaond complaint was that those contesting for elections were not classified by the teams they represent, the delegates raised the issue stating that only names and Identification (ID) numbers were visible.
“We were given until September 27 to submit names, which they did. We were then given a draft voters’ roll. There were a few discrepancies and we communicated that a week before the elections. The corrections were not made, this contributed to the postponement of the elections because the delegates’ concerns were not immediately attended,” said one source.

The BFA’s statement
The BFA released an official statement explaining the postponement of the elections. “The postponement was ordered after the Electoral Committee acceded to address the complaints raised and insisted on by the KRFA Chairperson around the voters’ roll amongst others. In the spirit of fairness, the EC therefore decided that it is only fair and just that the scheduled elections be postponed to the 22nd of October for the purposes of investigating and/or addressing the complaints raised by the KRFA chairperson,” the BFA stated in a press release yesterday (Tuesday).