Detailing Cheludo’s contract with Panthers

  • Player to be paid per game
  • Got 2000 AUD (P 15 000) as signing on fee
  • Believes the country can export more netball players to Australia


After landing a two year contract with Australian netball side Wood Panthers, Cheludo David got 2000 AUD ( approximately P15 000) as a signing on fee and will earn 50 AUD ( approximately P372) in every game that she plays, Gazette Sport has established.

The Sebina born netball player will also coach the junior Wood Panthers netball club whereby she will pocket 50 AUD every hour in three hour training sessions; she will drill the juniors two times per week. This publication can also reveal that Wood Panthers has vowed to aid Cheludo get other side jobs.

Cheludo jetted off to Australia in June for a three month trial with Woods Panthers which plays in the Australian Premier League Division. She earned her contract after her fourth game following her impressive performances and she is expected to kickstart her contract on January of 2020.

“I am really proud of myself as I did not believe I would manage to earn a contract, this proves that my hard-work paid off and I am really happy,” said Cheludo in an interview with Gazette Sport on Monday. “ I will now continue to work hard and ensure that I improve with every game that I play there as my main aim is to try to earn a contract with a top netball club in Australia.”

The towering player believes the country has an opportunity to export more players to Austrilia as it has talented netball players. “Their style of play is also similar to ours because they play fast in the mid court and ultimately drop the pace as they go forward ; that is basically what is done in Botswana,” she said.

This is the player that formed a formidable attack with Pearl Maribe during the U21 Netball World Youth Cup which was hosted by Botswana in 2017. She was also part of the netball team that won silver for Botswana during the 2016 Africa Union Sports Council Region 5 games. She has represented Botswana at both U21 and senior level.