Gaolaolwe, Morake Unable To Meet TS Galaxy Deadline

  • TS Galaxy, Sukazi unhappy as they feel the players are making excuses
  • Players’ agent insists that the situation was beyond their control


TS Galaxy pair Mosha Gaolaolwe and Ezekiel Morake will not be able to join their team mates in the Gauteng bio-bubble to finish the 2019/2020 season after being tied up due to the delay of their travelling permits. As a result they have missed the club’s August 6 deadline whereby all the players were instructed to report for camp to undergo COVID-19 testing before heading to their base in Johannesburg.

All the players who have completed the testing process are now in Johannesburg and they will take part in the club’s remaining games of the season. By virtue of missing the testing process, Gaolaolwe and Morake’s season is effectively over as they will not be allowed into the Gauteng bio-bubble.

Last month this publication revealed that the players were still “stuck” in Botswana while awaiting travelling permits, the situation has not changed as the players are still in the country while awaiting the intervention of the Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC).

The players’ agent, Bakang Moipone, informed Gazette Sport that they have received a supporting letter from the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture and they will be able to travel to South Africa if the BNSC can grant them a travelling permit.

“The players are still in Botswana, we have been doing everything in our power to ensure that the players return to SA. We have received a supporting letter from MYSC, we are now awaiting the final approval from the BNSC. As it stands they will not make the cut for the list of players in Gauteng,” Moipone stated.

The agent also revealed that the club’s management and its owner Tim Sukazi are not happy that the players have not been able to return to camp. “TS Galaxy officials are not happy, they regard both players as important members of the team who could have made a meaningful contribution in the remaining games. Sukazi believes that the players are making excuses, he asked why other Botswana players were able to return to their respective clubs well on time while Morake and Gaolaolwe could not do the same. It is unfair on the players because this is a situation that is beyond their control,” Moipone concluded.
It remains to be seen whether or not the players will be fined by the club when they eventually return.