‘Magosi’ in danger of vanishing into oblivion

  • Knocked out of Orange FA Cup
  • Currently in the relegation zone


One of the local clubs that have been a force to reckon with in local football over the past decade, Mochudi Centre Chiefs, is on a downward spiral.

Up there with the likes of Township Rollers for years, ‘Magosi’ have been one of local football’s power house, winning the league four times since the 2007/8, repeating the feat in 2011/12, 2012/13 and in 2014/15.

However ‘Magosi’ seems to have lost that form and have turned into an ordinary team that can be defeated by any team any time. This after they were knocked out of the Orange FA Cup by a Debswana First Division team in Jwaneng Fighters. They lost 3-2 on penalties after they played to a one all draw in regulation time in an encounter which was played at Jwaneng this past Sunday.

The past weekend’s showing is not of surprise as the team ‘s performance has been declining in the past three seasons. They finished in the eighth position during the 2016/17 season before settling for the ninth position in the 2017/18 season finishing out of the top 8 bracket for the first time since 2006.

Their jinx is likely to resurface this season as the team is currently whirling in the relegation zone at 13th position with 22 points out of 26 games. They have only managed to win four games this season, lost 12 and drew 10.

While it may be difficult to say exactly why the Mochudi side is losing its form, many have attributed the decline to boardroom wars over team ownership, a development that Magosi are yet to shrug off.

Speaking with Gazette Sport, football pundit in Jimmy George said he is not surprised by Chiefs’ past weekend result. “That is because in football you are as good as your last game, if you do not prepare then you will not do well. Their loss shows that they did not prepare well for Fighters,” he said.

George believes Chiefs’downward spiral is something that local teams should learn from.“Unlike many people, I do not think if Chiefs relegate then our football would have lost but I think it will teach other teams that if you do not do things right in football then you will not perform well.” he said.

“Chiefs were a good team when they did things right administration wise, I mean when they paid players convincing salaries on time they also attracted good players that won the league several times. But when they started doing things the opposite way, then they started losing, its a lesson our teams must learn from.”

He believes the only way that Chiefs can return to the good golden days is if they relegate to the First Division. “ I mean if they relegate they will get to correct themselves in a less competitive league, relegation must not be seen as anything bad as it is part and parcel of football. We have seen teams relegating and returning as forces to reckon with.”

‘Magosi’ will play Galaxy FC, Township Rollers, Sankoyo and Gaborone United in their remaining fixtures.