Former Miss Botswana’s journey with Limkokwing University Malaysia

My name is Seneo Bambino Mabengano

In 2015 I was crowned Miss Botswana and awarded with a scholarship to study at Limkokwing University, an institution renowned for its values in celebrating talent.

I am currently in my second year of Digital Film and Television studies at their Malaysian Campus, and this has literally been a ‘dream come true’ for me.

The course I am studying entails the art of production, creative interactive design, Directing workshops, principles of script writing, digital imaging, digital photography, aesthetics of documentary, principles of broadcasting, leadership skills and human relations, film studies, public speaking and presentation skills, screen production techniques, video for web, writing skills for communicators and so many more industry relevant modules.

Limkokwing equips you with more than enough knowledge and skills to put you at the top of the industry. I am confident that after my graduation just like the many other graduates I will be industry ready.

I want to create platforms for those interested in exploring their God given talent and actually making a living from it. I also want to be a point of contact to what is possible. My dream is to help grow film and television in Botswana, and Limkokwing is assisting in making this a reality.

My interest in this course was spurred by a nagging desire to bring change to the Television landscape of Botswana, which by comparison to South Africa, is limited in its content,quality and choice of programming.

Growing up in our household, we were constantly tuned into foreign television channels, and now and again we would only tune into BTV just to catch up on news and current affairs. Being a proud Motswana, It caused me a lot of distress that I could not identify or pride myself with our local programming, there was nothing to look forward to locally, as we did and still do with South African programmes.

The film and television industry in Botswana is very small and still struggling to catch up with international let alone regional standards, set by South Africa and Nigeria.The tragedy however is not our inability to meet these stands, but our failure to harness the amount of youthful talent we have in our country. Botswana is awash with highly creative yet unemployed youths most of who are now forced to seek employment in other industries to sustain themselves. I feel that there is certainly a gap between identifying this talent, education, equipping AND creating a platform for youths to showcase and be financially rewarded for their talent.

I count myself fortunate amongst many to have received this opportunity to study at Limkokwing and gain international exposure which will equip me to come back and play my part in improving our local productions.But even as I look around to see the number of graduates that Limkokwing has churned out, I still see many talented people with nowhere to exhibit and showcase their talent. This for me is the greatest challenge to our local film and television industry and one can only hope that our leadership is seized with this urgent matter.

To a young person out there reading this, this is your chance to choose YOU over what is said to be the “money course”. Choose your talent, your passion, Art, that thing which keeps you awake at night and that which you dream of when you’re asleep. Choose a school that is relevant to your dreams not your needs. Limkokwing has given me the privilege to aim for my dreams with confidence. Anything is possible!

Should you be interested in applying to study at Limkokwing University then don’t delay, go ahead and apply today. If you need to get a hold of me you can find me on instagram as seneo_bambino and Facebook as SeneoMabengano

Keep in mind the closing date for Government sponsorship, 30th of April 2019.
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