“Our Athletes are Peaking Perfectly for the Global Stage” – BAA

  • Oabona Theetso: “With PBs, these athletes are setting lifetime bests while SBs indicate ongoing improvement”


Botswana Athletics Association (BAA) is a contented organisation because its athletes are achieving remarkable results, hitting personal bests (PBs) and seasonal bests (SBs) in recent competitions.

Speaking in a telephone interview, Vice President Administration of BAA, Oabona Theetso, highlighted the significance of athletes hitting peak form at the opportune moment.

“With PBs, these athletes are setting lifetime bests while SBs indicate ongoing improvement,” he noted.

Major int’l championships

“We are pleased because they are achieving these impressive times as they gear up for major international championships.

“We’ve witnessed instances where athletes peak too early in the season, only to falter when it matters most on the global stage.”

In the 800m outdoor season opener at the Xiamen Diamond League in China, Tshepiso Masalela delivered a breathtaking performance, clocking in at a staggering PB of 1:43.88s.

Kip Keino Classic

This marked a significant improvement on his previous best of 1:44.03s recorded in September 2023.

Meanwhile, at the Kip Keino Classic Meet in Kenya, Letsile Tebogo clinched second place in the 200m race with a SB time of 19.71s, narrowly trailing the USA’s Lindsey.

Bayapo Ndori dominated the 400m, setting a world-leading time, meeting record, and PB of 44.10s, a notable improvement from his previous PB of 44.61.

Leungo Scotch also showcased excellence in the 400m, achieving a new PB of 44.54s, down from 44.82s, and secured third place.

Stellar performance

Tumo Stagato Van Wyk completed the 400m in 46.13s, earning sixth place.

In the women’s 800m event, Oratilwe Nowe recorded her second-fastest time of 2:00.56s, finishing sixth. Obakeng Kamberuka finished fourth in the 400m with a time of 52.85s, while Galefele Moroko secured seventh place with a time of 53.79s.

Tumo Nkape delivered stellar performance, setting a PB of 1:45.95s in the 800m, surpassing his previous record of 1:46.04s set in March 2024, and securing sixth place.

Promising trajectory

The recent string of outstanding performances signifies a promising trajectory for Botswana’s athletes as they prepare for upcoming international competitions.

Buoyed by the athletes’ consistent improvement and strategic timing of peak performances, the association remains optimistic about their prospects.