Ramoreboli Hints At Intimidation Tactics By Simba SC 

  • Tanzanian journalists in tacit agreement with Galaxy coach
  • Ramoreboli congratulated his players inspite of heavy loss


Tanzanian journalists were in tacit agreement with Jwaneng Galaxy when the team hinted at Simba SC using intimidation tactics against their guests prior to Galaxy’s 6-0 defeat in their away CAF Champions League fixture last weekend.

Host clubs are notorious for intimidating visiting clubs in order to unsettle them and Ramoreboli fell just short of confirming such ill treatment in his post-match remarks.

Galaxy’s heavy defeat saw the club finish bottom of their group while Simba SC finished second to qualify for the quarterfinals of the continental competition.

Access denied

In passionate post-match remarks to journalists, Ramoreboli revealed how his team was denied early access to the stadium prior to the game.

Competition rules state that visiting teams should be allowed pitch and dressing room access to the host team’s stadium in order to complete full training.

This right was not extended to Galaxy players and officials, according to the coach, making it difficult for the team to prepare for the important clash.

A sorry sight

Instead, an off-field argument ensued between the Simba SC security officials and Galaxy staff and players.

Ramoreboli described the scene of the ill-treatment as a sorry sight but said he did not want to use the saga as an excuse for the final result of the game.

“Congratulations to Simba SC for winning the match,” he said still. “I think, for the sake of peace and safety, it was important that maybe they be on the winning side.

“I wonder what would have happened if it was Jwaneng Galaxy who had won, considering what happened from the hotel to here (to the stadium). It is not my duty to come here and make excuses and sound like I am a bad loser.”

Tanzanian journalists

The Galaxy coach explained the team’s off field distractions as local journalists referenced the pre-match drama as a potential reason for his team’s on-field struggles.

The South African coach defiantly defended his players and stated that they could not “just fold their arms when they were being treated unfairly”.

He applauded his players’ professionalism inspite of the unfavourable conditions that they were allegedly subjected to.