Phoenix Assurance Botswana Open Championship 2024: A Showcase of Talent and Competition

  • Tourney described as a testament of vibrant talent and fierce competition


The recently concluded Phoenix Assurance Botswana Open Championship 2024, organised by Botswana Table Tennis Association (BTTA) in Gaborone, was a testament to the vibrant talent and fierce competition within the Botswana table tennis community.

The event, which attracted over 60 participants across various categories, witnessed exhilarating performances from athletes who left spectators in awe.

In the senior men’s singles category, Bakang Maloka of Moshupa Spinners TTC demonstrated exceptional skill and determination as he clinched the title with a commanding 3-0 victory over William Olyn of Smash Maniacs TTC in the final match.

Well-deserved spot

Maloka’s triumph showcased his prowess on the table, earning him a well-deserved spot in the limelight.

Semifinalists Masa Lesole and Tiro Lesomo, both of Smash Maniacs TTC, displayed commendable performances throughout the tournament, further underscoring the level of competition.

Similarly, in the senior women’s singles division, Tshepiso Rebatenne of Nhabe TTC emerged victorious after a resounding 3-0 win over Olorato Ramagapu of Moshupa Spinners TTC in the final showdown.

Rebatenne’s stellar performance highlighted her exceptional talent and dedication to the sport.


Namibo Mbulawa of Dithubaruba TTC and Tsholofelo Gaokgalemelwe of Smash Maniacs TTC showcased their skills as semifinalists, contributing to the intensity of the competition.

In the Under 15 boys category, Reneilwe Lekorwe of Smash Maniacs TTC claimed the championship title by defeating Thato Kgongwana of Bontleng/Ithuteng with a score of 3-1, demonstrating remarkable skill and composure under pressure.

Tinashe Dzvaka of Bontleng/Ithuteng and Lefa Tsiaka of Maikano impressed as semifinalists, showcasing the promising talent among the younger generation of table tennis players.

The Under 15 girls category witnessed a thrilling showdown between sisters Lilian and Gabriella Tsiaka, both of Maikano TTC. Ultimately, it was Lilian who emerged victorious with a flawless 3-0 victory over her sibling, highlighting the depth of talent in the Maikano contingent.

Maikano dominance

Setsile Mothudi and Masa Motlhabane of Maikano demonstrated commendable performances as semifinalists, further solidifying Maikano’s dominance in the category.

Reflecting on the event, BTTA spokesperson Tshegofatso Malepa emphasised the significance of the tournament for showcasing the talent and competitiveness in the Botswana table tennis community.

“The Phoenix Assurance Botswana Open Championship 2024 was a successful event, with thrilling matches and impressive performances from all participants,” she said in a telephone interview.

Commonwealth Youth Championships

Malepa took the opportunity to express gratitude to Phoenix Assurance Botswana for its continued support, noting that such sponsorship plays a pivotal role in the development and growth of table tennis in Botswana.

Meanwhile, BTTA and Turn Star Holdings Limited have partnered for the upcoming youth championships.

Through the partnership, both the Africa Youth Championships and the Commonwealth Youth Championships will be held on the Game City rooftop grounds in Gaborone on 15 to 21 July and 23 to 28 July respectively.