7 of its members to participate in Western Cape Championship in December


Thobega Fencing Academy intends to hold an open half day’s training camp early next month in an effort to recruit new talent in preparation for the upcoming Western Cape Open Championships in Cape Town, South Africa on 10 and 11 December this year.


Seeking competitive action
Coach Master Karabo Thobega told Gazette Sports that despite failure by the Botswana Fencing Federation to commence the league, they remain resolute to looking for competitive games outside the country.


Training open to all fencers
“On the 12th November we’ll be hosting Thobega Fencing Half-Day Training Camp,” Thobega said. “The training camp is open to all fencers from other clubs and to those who want to try the sport of fencing.

“The camp is going to help us a lot as an academy because we are preparing for the Western Cape Open Championships that will be held at Christell House School in Cape Town, South Africa on the 10th and 11th December 2022.”

He added that he currently has 10 fencers and is looking to boost his squad because he intends to penetrate the African continent. “The team has nine fencers and two seniors,” he said. “Six will play in the U-17 and the U-21 categories while one, a girl, will be play in U-10 and U-15.”


Inactivity affects Thobega squad
Thobega said failure by the Federation to commence the league continues to affect his squad fitness and adds to growing frustration in his team.

“The league has not resumed since the beginning of 2022 and we have not had any local tournaments,” he noted. “This is affecting us badly because my fencers want to compete locally before going outside the country.”

The academy was recently compelled to look for tournaments outside the country when there was little communication from the BFF about when local games may resume.
Thobega stated that companies in the private sector helped his squad to travel to Namibia, adding that they will keep looking for more games in order to keep their athletes fit and ready to compete both locally and internationally.

Another plan for fitness is holding training sessions three times a week and on Saturday. “I am happy to say that I get all the support from parents,” Thobega said. “They support the academy with anything that the academy needs.”


Future plans
Thobega appealed to the Federation to engage clubs on plans for the future and clubs may help financially in order to help athletes stay fit.
“With grant from the BNSC, the Federation should have a calendar of their activities and bring clubs on board to discuss their needs because there is no federation without clubs,” he said.