Vice President (Admin) of BCF Resigns 

  • Cites location away from Gabs as a factor
  • Emphasises his commitment to life coaching


The Vice President (responsible for Administration) of Botswana Chess Federation (BCF), Jeremiah Dikgang, sent shockwaves through the chess community when he resigned recently.

Francistown-based Dikgang cited his geographical location among the primary reasons for resigning, saying he felt limited in his ability to effectively perform his duties because of it.

“The federation is very busy, with day-to-day operations, meetings and other things,” he said in a subsequent interview with Gazette Sports. “My location made me less available and somewhat ineffective in my role.”


Another significant factor Dikgang cited for stepping down was his commitment to life coaching and motivational speaking. “I am constantly travelling across the country due to my coaching engagements,” he said.

“This makes it difficult for me to dedicate the necessary time and attention to chess. I contemplated resigning as early as last year but was persuaded otherwise by fellow committee members. However, I believe now was the right time to step aside.”

Reflecting on his tenure in the leadership of Botswana chess, Dikgang expressed satisfaction with their accomplishments but said there is room for improvement. “I believe we fell short of delivering what the chess community truly desired,” he stated.

Loss of players 

Looking ahead, he emphasised the need for unity within the chess federation, emphasising that the sport should take precedence over individual interests.

“It should not be about individuals,” he said. “The sport comes first, hence we should refrain from pointing fingers.”

Dikgang also revealed his aspiration to focus on imparting life coaching skills to chess players, a goal that he said he could not play fully due to his location away of Gaborone.

“We are witnessing loss of many players to social issues, particularly young boys,” he lamented.

A helping hand

“This underscores the importance of teaching them life skills. My resignation does not signify a departure from chess. I am still here to lend a helping hand if and when needed.”

The Secretary General of BCF, Mokwaledi Tingwane, has confirmed Dikgang’s resignation.

“We have met once as a committee ever since he resigned and are yet to decide what to do about his position,” he said. “But co-opting is an option. We will communicate in the course of time.”