WASBO to Launch Nike Girls’ Positive and Safe Coaching Pathway Project 

  • Groundbreaking collaboration to start in the New Year
  • Goal is to enhance coaching for girls and women in sports
  • Other nations could learn from WASBO’s gender parity in sports


Women and Sports Botswana (WASBO) used the 28th TAFISA World Congress in Düsseldorf, Germany recently to finalise a groundbreaking collaboration arrangement with the Association for International Sport for All (TAFISA).

Valued at USD10,000, the contract signifies a significant step towards empowering girls and women in sports across Botswana.

WASBO will spearhead implementation of the Nike Girls’ Positive and Safe Coaching Pathway project that is due to commence in January 2024 for a year-long duration.

Tailored approach

In a statement released by WASBO, the project will amplify the existing partnership between TAFISA and Nike Inc., emphasising a tailored approach specifically designed for Botswana.

The overarching goal is to enhance the quality of coaching for girls and women, with a particular focus on promoting an active and healthy lifestyle among this demographic.

According to the statement, the objectives of the project include heightened awareness about tailored coaching practices, comprehensive training for coaches, and the cultivation of a network of advocates, trainers, and project alumni.

Sports for All

The Chairperson of WASBO, Keenese Katisenge-Tizhani, highlighted the potential impact of the collaboration in a telephone conversation with Gazette Sports.

“By partnering with TAFISA and drawing on the expertise of Nike Inc., WASBO is poised to effect significant change in the realm of Sports for All,” she said.

She emphasised the broader implications of the initiative beyond Botswana’s borders, citing the potential for other nations to glean valuable insights from WASBO’s pioneering efforts in fostering gender equality in sports.

Trailblazing pilot project

Set to serve as a trailblazing pilot project, the Nike Girls’ Positive and Safe Coaching Pathway initiative is anticipated to pave the way for enduring advancements in Botswana’s sporting landscape.

It is poised to establish Botswana as a beacon of progress, showcasing its unwavering commitment to gender parity and serving as a model for neighbouring countries and beyond.

Meanwhile, WASBO was formed in 1997 to increase participation of women and girls in sports and other recreational activities. The forum then comprised stakeholders from the government, nongovernment organisations, as well as BNSC Affiliates.

170 countries 

It was launched as a sub-structure of BNSC in 2000. WASBO does not have affiliates but forms structures around the country to facilitate its activities in different regions.

WASBO structures currently exist in Gaborone, Francistown, and Maun with plans underway to establish structures in Gantsi, Palapye/Serowe and Tsabong.

On the other hand, as the leading international sports establishment for all organisations, TAFISA aims to create a better world by unfolding the potential of Sports for All and physical activity globally by maximising its contribution to overcoming challenges around the world.

TAFISA has over 383 member organisations in more than 170 countries on all continents.