Take the right course and land your dream job

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Finding your dream job requires more than just hoping the stars will align in your favor. You have a better chance of winning the lottery than having the job fairy wave her magic wand and giving you the perfect job just when you need it. Landing the right job that matches your skills and interests requires some soul-searching, a bit of trial and error and lots of research.
Schools in Botswana seem to focus more on theoretical learning. This is great, until you realize that the job market also requires a lot of skilled labor, and that most jobs are more than just about the English and Math taught in class. Providing an even mix of theoretical and skills based learning means that every child can discover what they are and are not good at. This provides a level playing fi eld, making it fair for students whose skills and talents are yet to be recognized.


Some people are great at remembering facts and fi gures. Some are artists, fashion designers or performers. Some people are theorists or scientists who are capable of high abstract or technical thoughts. But whatever our skill set, we often classify ourselves as either being ‘intellectual’ or‘creative’…but question is; are we using our skills effi ciently in the right job at the right time?


Here is a list of some of the top careers to look out for in the next few years – sciencebased as well as creative and skills-based in no particular order.


Computer and online services: In this digitized world there will always be a need for well trained and skilled information technology professionals. If you are an individual who has a passion for working with computers and aspire to build, fix or match computer software as per the needs of the employer or clients, then a career along this field is tailor made for you.In addition, the expansion of computer technology to electronic tablets, smart phones and other smart gadgets is bound to create enormous opportunities in this field.
Qualifications: A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information science. Some employers might also have a preference for individuals with a master’s degree for some positions.
Personal Financial Advisor: The current fi nancial crisis has made people realize the importance of personal financial advisors. Hence the demand and opportunities for this profession is bound to reach new heights in the coming years. This career is perfect for individuals who are interested in the fi eld of business and finance, and have a knack to help clients make important financial decisions and give investment recommendations. Personal fi nancial advisors basically give financial advice to people and help with investment, tax and insurance decisions.


Qualifications: A Bachelor’s degree in business, fi nance, economics or other related fields.



Public Relations Specialist: This is an ideal career for individuals who have a passion for promoting events and aspire to be in the limelight. The job description for this profession involves handling a client’s or organization’s communication with the general public, developing an organization’s public image, writing press releases, planning and directing public relations programs, raising funds for their organization, etc. The opportunities for aspiring individuals in this fi eld are enormous, especially in this communication era where it has become very important for an organization or individual to maintain a positive public image. This industry is bound to grow by leaps and bounds with the evolution of media and technology.
Qualifi cations: Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, Communication, Public Relations or related field.


Social work/ Psychology/Counseling/: Are you an individual who aspires to help people faced with tough personal and social problems? Do you have interest in studying human behavior? Do you want to contribute to the reduction of distress, behavioral and psychological problems and to promote mental health and rational behavior in your society? Then this is the fi eld study. Social workers help people cope with significant transitions in their lives. According to research, the demand for professionals in this fi eld is bound to multiply by manifolds, especially for the ones who specialize in medical and public health.
Qualifications: Bachelor of Social Work, Psychology or related field Photographer People are always looking to capture their special moments in time, wherever and whenever. Hence, there is growing demand for photo professionals all over the world. And with advancement of technology and development of new and creative ways to take a picture, numerous job opportunities are bound to arise in the future.
Qualifi cations: Even though one does not necessarily have to be qualified in this fi eld, employers prefer individuals with a fine arts background as it takes more than just a fancy camera to snap a
pretty picture. A Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in fi ne arts photography is preferable. So while many students leave high school with little or no idea of what they want to study, it is important that with the many skills and career options available in Botswana, one does not limit themselves to a one-track education system.