It’s Springtime and Botswana’s Resorts Are Beckoning!

The wonder of Kasane is as elusive as it is eternal and is made all the more attractive by the crepuscular kiss of the sky that embraces the traveller in the charm of the Chobe at twilight. Cresta is a part of this enchanted escapade, especially for the domestic traveller

The resort town of Kasane is a marvel known to thousands of travellers from across the moth-er continent and the rest of the world. Yet the true source of its charm and allure is still a matter of debate among holidaymakers who always want to know what the true mystery behind its attraction is? How can travellers ex-plain the calming effect on their senses as they take in nature there? For some it is the flourishing gardens and lustre of green which seem to stretch far beyond the horizon.

For others it is the diverse species of flora and fauna that provides the true Afri-can safari. Yet no one can ignore the mighty Chobe River and hundreds of species within it. Nature’s beasts roar and thrive in their domain and mankind has a front row seat view of it.

From Cresta Mowana Safari Resort & Spa, Cresta’s flagship product, the world has new dimensions. A four-star treatment from this well-appointed property in the wild is the definition of true adventure. The golden standard of indulgence in the bush provides a contradiction which adds to the ambience and experience. Over the years it has become a global metropolitan and a rainbow of cultures as guests enjoy sundowners of Botswana’s spectacular sunsets.

Stories shared have often been anything from the meaning of the hotel’s name and its significance to the activities of the day and the thrill of seeing game at close range. This can be revisited this September that signals the beginning of the spring holiday season. Family, friends and colleagues can come together to explore the adventures in this wonder-land. Cresta Hotels has put together af-fordable packages that are matched with first-rate adherence to health measures for protection of guests and staff in the new reality of COVID-19.

“Right across our 11 properties in the country, guests will enjoy affordable packages to explore and unwind in this holiday season. In Gaborone, Cresta Lodge and Cresta President packages include boat cruises with bed and breakfast for two at highly competitive rates,” says Malebogo Mosinyi, Cresta Marakanelo Group Marketing Manager.

“Cresta Mahalapye, Cresta Bosele, Cresta Marang, Cresta Botsalo and Cesta Thapama provide trips to famous tourist attractions like Goo Moremi, Khama Rhino Sanctuary, Letsibogo Dam and Tantebane Game Ranch. Cresta Riley’s and Cresta Maun also have boat cruises and various other activities within the package.”

Travel enthusiasts are urged to explore the amazing Kalahari Transfrontier Park, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Moremi Game Reserve, Chobe National Park to reconnect with Mother Nature and explore adventures. The point is, when last did you hit the road on a trip to explore and re-educate yourself about your home country and its secrets hidden in plain sight? When last did you watch the sunset as you re-strategise your life journey and pondered on your purpose and calling? As the holidays approach, what better way to uplift the human spirit than the face of beauty presented from contact with Nature herself!

“This holiday we bring a bouquet of packages to reward the market with a reset, given our current circumstances,” says Sesinyi. “Our mental health and vigour are crucial at this time and there is no better gift than the pack-ages we present to holidaymakers here at home. Through this experience, we hope to cultivate and re-invigorate the nation’s interest in domestic travel.”

“We continue to engage with thor-ough cleaning and fumigation at all of our properties throughout the country because we take the health and safety of our guests very seriously. That is why when the pandemic began and there was little understanding of it, we engaged chemistry experts who led and guided the cleaning and fumigating in accordance with WHO guidelines and our own Ministry of Health standards as a part of our quality management for market-readiness.”

Hence one first-time domestic tourist had only praise for our packages and the beauty of travel. “We used the July holiday period to de-stress from this whole COVID- 19 onslaught by spending most of our afternoons cruising in the Chobe River and on game drives in the park. I had a good time despite the pandemic. I was never a big fan of domestic travelling but after a long time under lockdown I thought to give it a try and took a long drive to Kasane at the end of which I found myself at Cresta Mowana Resort and Spa. I can definitely say I am now a fan of domestic tourism due to the experience I had. The fear of contracting the damnable virus while on vacation became less of a bother because I soon noticed how safe the environment was.”

Travellers are indeed advised to take COVID-19 precautions seriously be-cause the global pandemic is still a fact of life. Some of the precautions recommended are performing hand hygiene frequently, particularly after contact with respiratory secretions. Maintain-ing hand hygiene by washing hands with soap and water or applying an alcohol-based hand rub is of the essence.