Biggie Butale to sue BPF

  • Says charges against him and disciplinary hearing are yet to come
  • Estimates approximately P200K will be needed for his legal costs


Suspended president of the Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF), Biggie Butale, has embarked on a fundraising mission to raise money to sue his party for failing to reinstate him, The Botswana Gazette has established.

The troubled politician has floated a flyer on different social media platforms titled “Help our President” through his lawyers, Ramalepa Attorneys.

Butale is said to have rejected an invitation for reinstatement as an ordinary member of the BPF last week. Butale was suspended from the party last year over allegations of sexual misconduct involving a student.

In a letter he wrote to the party through Monthe Marumo & Co. a copy of which this publication is in possession of, Butale demanded unconditional reinstatement to his position with immediate effect.

“Our client instructs that he was suspended from the party on or about 8th September 2021 pending disciplinary hearing,” the lawyers wrote. “However, to-date some 10 months later client has not been furnished with any charge sheet nor has the disciplinary hearing be convened.”

“We advise that it is unlawful for the party to suspend the president or any member indefinitely as is in the case currently. Disciplinary action if any should be taken immediately after the commission of the alleged transgression, not unless such suspension is meant to serve some other ulterior motives.”

“On that, we have been instructed by client to demand as we hereby do that our client be unconditionally reinstated to his position with immediate effect.”

The BPF was given seven days up to 28 July to comply with Butale’s demand but did not. The fundraising campaign and envisaged action against the BPF come against this background.

“It is true I have embarked on fundraising, which started on Monday,” Butale told The Gazette. “I might need approximately P200 000 because there is a lot about this case. A lot has been concealed.”

But the embattled politician refuted reports that the party has reinstated him as an ordinary member. “There is no truth in that,” he said. “I have not been reinstated.”
Reached for comment, BPF spokesman Lawrence Ookeditse said that he was constrained to comment on Butale’s case because he did not have details. “I am yet to be updated by the party,” he said. “If there is any development, I will definitely share it.”

Ookeditse added that any member of the BPF who feels aggrieved by party decisions has an option of going to court to seek redress. “The BPF is a democratic party,” he said. “So when a member feels aggrieved by any decision, they may choose to take the legal route. No one should judge Butale for exercising his rights.”