By Joey Badubi Jr.

Breaking into social media scenes first as an online promoter, Kabelo Keikelame, who is mostly known by the name of Bontle Jwa Batswana (BJB), has surely matured like fine beer. With his striking and special appearance, he has managed to toss it all to his advantage and enlarged his following and influence, turning himself into a renowned brand and entertainer.

Q1. Thank you so much creating the time out of your busy schedule to join us on.
A1. No sweat. Thank you for having me and The Botswana Gazette for offering me the opportunity.
Q2. First things first: Why do you call yourself Bontle Jwa Batswana? What does it mean?
A2. I am handsome, so my good looks represent the beauty of Botswana. Ke le representa hela lotlhe. Hehehe!
Q3. Alright man. I understand that you are from Thamaga, alongside a number of other talents?
A3. Yes, Thamaga has lots of talent besides me. The likes of Mjamaica, Ozi F Teddy, DJ Ngwazi and more.
Q4. Your hometown is full of talent, hey? But moving on, what is the Bontle Jwa Batswana brand all about?
A4. Bontle Jwa Batswana is a promotional platform. It promotes and influences local talent, entertainment and artists. The platform became my brand and name at the same time. I am an artist and an MC as well. I do a whole lot of things.
Q5. Yes, I understand that you started off as a singer with a totally different name right?
A5. Hahaha! Yes. I called myself Skiza.
Q6. What a name! I can’t really stick it to you, hahaha!
A6. The name came from my first name. Kabelo. Most people don’t know it though, but my full names are Kabelo Keikelame.
Q7. And you have done good for yourself, man. Do Batswana understand and resonate with you and your brand?
A7. They do. Well, obviously there are others who do not want to understand. But most people do understand and have started taking the BJB brand seriously.
Q8. How so? Please elaborate.
A8. Ever since the lockdowns, most Batswana started taking note of me. My following got seriously enlarged and I became pretty famous, I could say.
Q9. Have you started monetising yet? Are you making money out of it?
A9. Yes, BJB is making money. I am making money. I even have people buying a photos of me just so they make memes out of it.
Q8. Wow! Are you serious?
A9. I am dead serious.
Q10. Speaking of all that, let us talk about your appearance. You clearly have a special and striking appearance, and I see that you have started using it to your advantage now even when you constantly get mocked and cyber-bullied about it on social media. Have you always had a thick skin?
A10. At first it was difficult. I have always been bullied about my looks since I was a child. Even at school. It was a very painful experience to endure. But I started developing a thick skin from when I was doing Standard 5. I realised that it was important to accept myself. And over the years I went on to realise that I can actually make money out of people bullying me, which is what I do now.
Q11. And now that it’s working for you, I bet you don’t wish for people to stop bullying you, right?
A11. Not at all. I have been offered to fix my teeth for free by many dentists? But I have refused all offers because I could tell that there wouldn’t be any BJB if my teeth got fixed. So my appearance has become my gimmick that I cannot let go of. Batswana, please don’t stop bullying me. Continue to bully me. Hehehe?
Q12. Hehehe! Still on that, your looks, was it easy or difficult to get girls?
A12. Nna tota ketswa kgakala ke ganiwa ke banyana morena. Hahah!
Q13. Hahaha! But you can say the opposite ka Lala, right?
A13. Yes, Lala is different and she loves me. She has always stuck with me through thick and thin.
Q14. That is very sweet. So tell me, when and how did you and Lala meet? And where?
A14. I met Lala in Tlokweng. It was in 2020 and I was a part of Franco’s Soul Fill Up campaigns. I was a drunkard then, and I was drinking a whole lot of quarts. I noticed Lala with a group of girls. The girls were very beautiful, but it was Lala that I felt attracted to from the minute I laid my eyes on her.
Q15. Yes, go on. Hehehe! Ebile you are blushing.
A15. So I approached her. I asked for her number and she gave it to me. Then we talked and one thing led to another until this day.
Q16. So how has your relationship been like since?
A16. The relationship has been really good and beautiful. We do have our ups and downs like any other couple, but our relationship is beautiful. Lala is a very intelligent girl and she has always pushed me to do great. She is the brains behind most of my wins.
Q17. What about the times that you guys made news? Like your fights that went viral on social media? Was there trouble in Paradise?
A17. Hehehe! Those were just bad times. You know how relationships can be. Yes, we do fight at times like each and every couple. But we love each other. I promised her that I am going to marry her one day and I am definitely going to marry her.
Q18. Alright, man. Good luck and all the best together with your brand and business.
A18. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.
Q19. Before you go, what is the first biggest pay check that you have ever received?
A19. Hahaha! O batla go mpolaisa batho, morena. Mme e ne e se madi a sepe. Ene ele fifteen thousand pulanyana hela.
Q20. Hahaha! Alright, my guy. Thank you for joining us.
A20. Thanks. Bye.