There is a simple phrase that says, ‘what goes around comes around’.

It cannot have been more relevant to what is currently happening to former president Ian Khama and his close friend, former Director General at the Directorate on Intelligence and Security Services (DISS), Isaac Kgosi. The latter is under intelligence surveillance. Those in the know allege that he is suspected to have been engaged in tax avoidance, misappropriation of public funds, money laundering and several other possible criminal charges. Newspaper headlines link Kgosi to hundreds of millions in tax payer funds which have reportedly been used inappropriately. During his glory days, Kgosi was a law unto himself. He told Members of Parliament (MPs) time and again that he accounted to no one and that no one should question his decisions. Through state funds, Kgosi and the DISS bought what he wanted.

Under his DISS, several Batswana were reportedly executed through extra judicial killings, which were unheard of in Botswana before the existence of the spy unit. Speak of Harry Tembo, a Malawian national that was killed by the DISS because he knew certain secrets that were a threat to his masters. Tembo was awarded tenders directly by DISS, worth millions. John Kalafatis was killed in broad daylight, in a movie-style gun action. All of a sudden when the new leadership at DISS, led by Peter Magosi investigates Kgosi for the crimes he is suspected to have done, the same Kgosi, the once untouchable decries harassment. When he was arrested at Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (SSKIA), he wanted the intelligence to be lenient on him.

He was worried that he was arrested in the vicinity of his family, especially his daughter. Kgosi forgot that when his then DISS killed Kalafatis and several others, they had families too. Unfortunately for them, their daughters will never ever see them alive again. Now Kgosi, because he is well aware that the law is catching up with him, is strategically appealing for public sympathy. He knows that he is the hunter who has become the hunted. He made statements to the media that he fears for his life and that the DISS could kill him. This is all strategically aimed at gaining public sympathy, in the hope that Batswana would condemn Magosi and the DISS as agents who want to kill another fellow citizen. Magosi’s DISS chose to pursue Kgosi publicly because they have a reason to believe that he has committed crimes.

By pursuing him in a broad daylight, what would stop President Masisi’s government to prosecute Kgosi fairly should evidence sought by Magosi prove that he indeed committed those crimes. Maybe it is only that Kgosi thinks and even hopes that Magosi and the DISS are brutal, heartless and ‘above the law’ like the DISS he commanded under Khama’s presidency. He is afraid and on a panic mode just like his master, former President Khama. Surprisingly, Khama is on social media every day, speaking about human rights and the rule of law. He forgets that under his presidency, such never existed. During his days as President, Khama just like Kgosi was untouchable. He dragged his Presidential powers to the brink, for selfish interests.

Together with his family and friends of European origin, they amassed so much wealth from the tourism, and diamond sectors at the detriment of ordinary citizens. His twin brothers made uncountable millions through a corrupt procurement system at the military. Khama is no fool though, he knows he will have his day in court, at least at the rate and pace at which Masisi’s government is going. To protect himself, he wants Masisi out, hence the emergence of Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi who wants the Presidency. Khama told a throng of his followers at Serowe that he is aware that the DISS is going to raid him. He wants Batswana to condemn that.

By saying, ‘he will be the first statesman to be raided’, he wants Batswana to see that as wrong. Hypocritically, he does not tell Batswana that he is the first President to preside over such despicable looting and human rights violation under his rule. He knows that the DISS may have information on his wrong doings which could take him to jail. This week, he claimed that the laptops and some files taken at Kgosi’s house belong to him and that he has written to the High Court to have then returned to him. How coincidental. How does evidence found at Kgosi’s house belong to Khama. It could only mean one thing. They have been working together and they know the law is coming for them.