I love BDP- Motswaledi

Botswana Movement for Democracy(BMD) President, GomolemoMotswaledi, has opened up abouthis tumultuous relationship with his formerparty the BDP and openly declared that hestill loves the party. Motswaledi, who is alsothe Secretary General of the newly formedcoalition Umbrella for Democratic (UDC)and a former BDP secretary general, revealedin an exclusive interview with TheGazette that he thanks God to have beenraised under the BDP.Motswaledi said he did not know muchabout opposition politics but is glad to beapplying the experience he acquired fromthe ruling party in the UDC. “I appreciatewhat Domkrag did for me. I am not in denialof the fact that I was a member of theruling party and I am proud to have been amember.


I continue to honour and respectthe ruling BDP for what it has done for meand for the members for continuing to bevery kind to me. I do not believe that thereis anyone in the BDP, right from the top tothe bottom, who hates me or wishes me badluck and I do not wish anyone in the BDPbad luck either. I respect all of them becausethey respect me,” he said.Motswaledi explained that the thin linebetween him and the BDP is simply thatthey are living two separate political lives.“I disagree with their government becauseI love this country. I can only be identifi edwith people in the UDC who believe thatwith them and through them this countrycan be better. I just love the BDP but I can’tbe with them. Some of them are my cousinsand if I hate them, what would that sayabout me?


Ever since I left the BDP none ofthem tried to lure me back to the party becausethey know me very well; they respectme, that is why I love them,” he said.Motswaledi, who is a onetime BDP YouthWing leader, explained that he envisagesnew politics that are outward looking. Hesays his coalition party is going for 2014general elections with a clear winning mindset.He observed that the manner in whichBatswana detest the government of todaypresents an opportunity for change and arguesthat there is a need to move away fromthe opposition mentality to the mentality ofan alternative government.


“The UDC tries to bring together underone shade divergent political cultures andviewpoints; the Botswana National Fronthas its culture acquired over four decades,the Botswana Peoples Party has existedclose to fi ve decades while the BMD wasformed three years ago by idealists and experiencedpeople from the ruling party,” theBMD leader explained.Motswaledi said the Umbrella will havecompelling candidates for 2014 elections.“We need to inspire the confi dence that isrequired of an alternative government.



Peopleare looking for a consequential vote. Ifthey have to change, they have to know thatit is a real investment” he said.Asked to comment on why some of hisparty leaders left the BMD for the BDP,Motswaledi said it hurts but he doesn’t care,“We know why we are losing leaders. TheBDP can and will always get our leaders.Their idea is to destabilize the oppositionbut they cannot destabilize the people whovote,” he said.