Bk Proctor’s New Concept Studio the Answer to Big Retail Chains


  • Local brand is transforming itself to adapt to ever-changing consumer behaviour
  • The idea behind Concept Studios is of exclusive and personal spaces in the 21st Century




Occupying 50 square metres on the ground floor at Fairground Mall in Gaborone, rapper and producer Bakang Bk Proctor’s new concept studio, Collections by Bk Proctor, has opened its doors for customers to access its entire ready-to-wear collection.


The core design idea of the studio is a museum-like aesthetic defined by black walls and an LED lighting system to present the individual garments, creating a contemporary, forward-looking mood. Adding to the minimalistic design, the store space is equipped with handmade furniture in black and contrasting light grey wooden laminate.


“The commercial space offers diverse fast fashion pieces, art and lifestyle atmosphere,” Bk Proctor said in an interview. “Concept studios are the answer to the invasion of the big retail chains. We wanted to create an exclusive space that dictates the shopping experience of the 21st Century.


“The new Collections by Bk Proctor Concept Studio has a refined interior concept based on a new aesthetic which contrasts high technology with a handmade feel. This concept is supposed to become the backbone for future Collections by Bk Proctor Concept Studio or stores worldwide.”


Collections by Bk Proctor is a lifestyle brand that specialises in footwear, apparel and accessories. The brand was officially launched in August 2018 and aims to bring to life high-quality masterpiece designs for the globally-conscious consumer. The rapper’s passion for creativity and innovation infused with his love for fashion and unique designs was the starting point that led to creation of the brand.


Bk Proctor says the response to his products has been highly progressive and the demand overwhelming. “The new store at Fairgrounds Mall is a step in the right direction to be closer to our customers and followers,” he told Time Out. “We are working on the next concept store in Francistown and other places across Botswana.”


“Our core product, which is footwear, the all-time favourite with our consumers, especially the Proctor 8588 leather sneakers and the Proctor 2 eye-knit sneakers. We design all our footwear with a minimalist approach; shoes you can easily match with just about anything from your closet. Many of our customers love that aspect about our products. In addition to the stylish and unique look, it is the quality of all our shoes because they are made from the best leather and fabrics.”


The Collections by Bk Proctor brand conceptualises and designs all its products in Botswana and manufactures across 14 factories in Asia. Although they were hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic that shut down factories and cancelled shipments, the brand stood the test of time. Bk Proctor says they figured early that no one was coming to their rescue and have been funding themselves to keep pushing boundaries until their startup is profitable.


Said the rapper: “Since the birth of our brand, we have managed to attract the right attention, a genuine following and a large clientele in a short period of time. That collective impact was a first and the biggest highlight for us. We have a strategic plan that we follow and an amazing team working towards growth of our business. We have created an environment where our team is driven by the desire to innovate and achieve.”