• South African acts Professor and Muramba Pitch confirmed
  • Tightening security and heightening ticket prices a part of the deal
  • Liquor Stop unveiled as headline sponsors


As the countdown to this year’s Born and Raised Music Festival begins, the head of the organising committee, Goaba Mojakgomo, has revealed a series of ambitious plans and precautions.
Renowned for its vibrant celebration of local and international music, the festival aims to draw an even larger and more diverse crowd than ever.
It is set to take place at Serowe Sports Complex on 22 December.
“We have set ourselves far from the rest in terms of attendance,” Mojakgomo, who is a co-founder of Born and Raised, told journalists at a recent media briefing.

South Africa and Namibia
“We have people coming from all over the country. We also have people coming from the likes of South Africa and Namibia.”
Reflecting on last year’s overwhelming response, Mojakgomo acknowledged the unexpected challenges that arose. “We found ourselves in a situation where we surpassed the numbers we had anticipated and were caught off guard,” he said.
“We had prepared for the numbers that we targeted. However, because interest in the show grows year by year, we got larger numbers compared to what we had expected. That, on its own, had implications for security.”

Proactive steps
To prevent a recurrence of that, Mojakgomo announced a series of proactive steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees.
“We are going to have tight security, and we have decided to heighten the price of the tickets,” he said. “In addition, for the first time in Botswana, our ticket sales will stop a week before the event.”
Meanwhile, in a bid to elevate the festival’s global appeal, Born and Raised unveiled a lineup (which is yet to be completed) that has two international acts, Murumba Pitch and Professor, alongside a vibrant array of local talents, including the esteemed artist ATI.

Philanthropic efforts
The organisers have also announced Liquor Stop as the official title sponsor of the festival, although the exact financial contribution of the popular alcohol and beverages remains undisclosed.
Notably, Born and Raised is also renowned for its philanthropic efforts. The festival has previously demonstrated its commitment to community welfare by donating a house to a family in need and contributing to the government’s efforts during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.