Botswana’s First Night Marathon to Bring Together Nation in the Name of Security


As the countdown to Botswana’s highly-anticipated night marathon, the excitement is becoming palpable.
With participation of over 2000 runners from different nations and the staunch support of both local and international sponsors, the Run Gabz By Night Marathon is not only a celebration of athleticism but also a standout symbol of the collective effort of many to combat crime.
Flated for 21 October 2023 in Gaborone, the marathon is set to be a beacon of unity, safety and awareness. Speaking about the event, the CEO of Run Gabz By Night Marathon, Mbakiso Mawila, emphasised its significance as both a sporting event and a platform for community engagement and education in crime prevention and response.

Statement of solidarity
In a telephone interview with this publication, Mawila highlighted the enthusiastic response to the marathon, stating: “We are overwhelmed by the massive interest, both locally and internationally.
“The Run Gabz By Night Marathon is more than just a race; it is a statement of solidarity in the face of rising concerns about crime. Our aim is to unite stakeholders and communities in the battle against crime, fostering a consolidated effort to ensure the safety of our streets.”
The marathon’s unique approach involves strategic collaborations with various entities, including the Botswana Police and Lions Den, and the Botswana Police Athletics Club .
Notably, the marathon has set in motion three crime prevention and response workshops, fostering a space for community representatives and businesses to exchange ideas and strategies.

Strong police presence
Mawila told this publication that to ensure the safety of all participants, they have taken significant measures, including route closures, a strong police presence, private security, and even integration of drone surveillance during the event. The meticulous planning, he added, underscores the commitment to guaranteeing a secure and enjoyable experience for all runners and attendees.
Additionally, the inclusion of the Choppies retail as a sponsor for the 10km category further cements the collaborative spirit of the event. Mawila inderlined the importance of such partnerships. “The support from our sponsors has been instrumental in making this event possible,” he said. “It is heartening to see the community coming together to support our cause.”

“Tshwaragano” T-shirt
Furthermore, the marathon’s overarching goal of fostering unity and understanding in the fight against crime is evident not only in its mission but also in the symbolism behind the T-shirt for the race that has “Tshwaragano,” which is Setswana for unity, emboldened on it.
With the anticipated presence of dignitaries such as the ministers of health, defence, sports, and communications, alongside police commissioners, the Run Gabz By Night Marathon is set to be a testament to the power of collective action and shared responsibility in creating safer communities.