Camel’s Inn Lodge repositions as a Cultural Hub

A camel in sculpture will ‘temporise’ until we have the real desert animals in place


Just a stone’s throw away from the capital, Camel’s Inn in Mmopane is transforming into a cultural hub a la its food offerings and aesthetics.

Sitting on 1.4 hectares of land, the locally-owned lodge is one of Gaborone’s fast growing innovative catering phenomenon specialising in Setswana cuisine. “We lost our restaurant due to a fire in 2020,” the founder of the lodge, Barudi Mosimaneotsile, told Time Out.
“We are in the process of re-building the structure and would like to return to our glory days when we were known for our delicious Setswana food. We are rising from the ashes after the pandemic and the loss of my husband. The aim is to have a cultural hub that is close to the city.”


What’s in the name?
Mosimaneotsile and her late husband were avid travellers who wanted to bring the joys of a camel into their space so that other people can experience it. Mosimaneotsile says she wants to achieve her dream of owning camels in order to give effect to the name of the lodge.

“But while we wait, we are looking to create a camel in sculpture. The camel is a beautiful animal and can survive hardships. This place is about survival because we have had a lot of curveballs thrown at us and survived.”


The lodge has a classic African design with a combination of traditional accommodation in the form of thatched chalets complete with antiques but the rooms have modern amenities and aesthetics. They are in the process of rebuilding their farm style restaurant and a camping site for those who like the outdoors. The place is being rebranded into a cultural village where different traditions will be celebrated.

Said Mosimaneotsile: “But the star of this whole transformation will be the entertainment area where we would like to host artists. We will also host students to come and showcase their talents for free as a way of giving back to our people.”

“There will be a gym by the swimming pool for which we would like partner with anyone willing to use the space. We also want to create a spa atop of our conference areas.”
“Above all, we would like to create a space where people can enjoy our food, listen to our people’s music and experience peace and tranquility.”