DJ Zinhle fires up Avani with good music and pearls of wisdom

In addition to her unforgettable performance behind the decks, she applauded local vocalist Dato Seiko for interpreting her preeminent song of 2019 “Umlilo” well and then spoke of communicating with the universe about her ambitions, about how God does the Inexplicable and how wishing others well will eventually manifest in oneself. Staff Writer GOSEGO MOTSUMI was there

Growing up, Ntombezinhle Jiyane, better known as DJ Zinhle, was often labelled lazy. In spite of that, today she stands tall as an award winning DJ, media personality, successful businesswoman, mentor and mother all wrapped into one.

The South African artist was in the country over the weekend as the headlining act for the “Avani Lifestyle Fired Up with DJ Zinhle” event where she spared a few minutes in her busy schedule to talk about her music, successful career and personal life before spinning the decks for her legion of fans.

“Before you can receive love from other people, you need teach yourself love,” she said when asked how she manages to wear many hats. “So I am big on me and I understand myself and recognize that help is something that is very important.

“Women like to be superheroes; to solve all the problems in the world and take care of everyone but themselves. But it starts with you. Your cup must be filled before you can fill others’ cups. We don’t have to solve all the problems. I have great support and a strong team that shares my vision. That is how I do it.”

Curtain-raising for DJ Zinhle at the event, Katlego Ntirang, famously known as Dato Seiko, brought the SA star to tears when she performed Zinhle’s hit song “Umlilo” that features Mvzzle and Rethabile. The song, which means “fire,” was one of the biggest hits to come out of 2019 but to-date there are still people who don’t understand its depth and essence.
The crooner explained that the song is about God being able to do the Inexplicable. DJ Zinhle said to Dato Seiko specifically: “I have heard a lot of people sing the ‘Umlilo’ song and most of them could not do it. To hear someone so young learn its meaning and interpret it, that was very incredible. So a big shout out to you. Maybe I can make something in Botswana.”

When it was time to showcase her award winning skills, Zinhle got behind the decks and started her set with one of her introductory hits “My Name is,” which was received with rapturous applause from her enthusiastic audience. The song features another music heavyweight, Busiswa, and was one of the biggest in 2012 that catapulted Zinhle to greater heights.

It alerts her audience that “her Majesty the Queen is in the booth” and they should report to the dance floor. Speaking about her many hit songs, the artist noted: “I live a blessed life and I feel like I was chosen to bring some meaning to someone. This is why songs like ‘Indlovu,’ ‘Umlilo’ and even ‘Colours’ carry so much meaning because they spread positive messages to others.”

There seems to be no stopping when it comes to success for Zinhle who last year acquired equity in the international sparkling wine beverage, Boulevard, and took over as the CEO of the company. Guests at the Avani Lifetyle event got to sip the wine as a welcome drink and gave it a nod. In 2021, the deejay introduced her own hair product, Hair Majesty, a reality show styled Unexpected and a jewellery collection called Era by DJ Zinhle.

Asked how she clinches her business deals, she answered: “I communicate with the universe about my intentions. All these things that I have, I wished for them. I saw the Boulevard brand and said to myself, I would like to work with them,’ and a year later it happened. When you see other people do well, congratulate them because that same energy will eventually manifest in your own life.”

The annual Avani Lifestyle event wrapped up the year in style and lived up to expectations of bringing an event that is not just fun but inspirational for their patrons.

Fast Questions with DJ Zinhle:
Best time to work: I work all the time.

What has COVID-19 taught you: To value family because we think we have time.
What would surprise people about you: That I cry a lot.
What do you look for in a friend: People with the same values as me, which include respect, positivity and sisterhood.
What would you tell your 25-year-old self: Don’t be scared. Everything is going to be okay (because) 99 percent of the things you worry about won’t happen anyway. You are fine and well on your way.