DJ Zinhle’s “The Unexpected” Returns on DStv 

  • This season, DJ Zinhle grapples with the untimely loss of Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, providing an intimate look into her process of healing



DStv audiences and fans of DJ Zinhle are in for an exhilarating treat in the third season of “The Unexpected” that premiered at 7.30pm on BET last Saturday (30 September).

The 13-episode season airs weekly, offering viewers an exclusive window into the life of the beloved DJ Zinhle, as well as her circle of friends.

In this new season, viewers witnessed a dynamic shift as the cast members embrace new beginnings and navigate the challenges of their lives. DJ Zinhle takes centre stage, allowing fans unprecedented access to her journey.

Behind-the-scenes stories 

She grapples with the untimely loss of Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, the father of her first child Kairo, providing an intimate look into her process of healing.

DJ Zinhle’s recent acquisition of a fun house will be showcased, giving viewers an inside look into her world of creativity and entrepreneurship. As she works closely with her family and friends, she will share behind-the-scenes stories of their collaborative efforts and the joys of working together.

“I’m truly excited to share this new chapter of my life with all of you through ‘The Unexpected’ Season 3 on BET,” DJ Zinhle said. “This season has been a journey of healing, growth and new beginnings, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to let you into my world.

Big sister Kairo

“We’ve got some incredible stories to tell, and I hope that my experiences can inspire and connect with all of you out there. Buckle up, it’s going to be an unforgettable ride!”

One of the focal points of Season 3 is DJ Zinhle’s daughter, Kairo, as she embraces her role as a big sister to Asante. Audiences will be captivated by the heartwarming journey of Kairo as she takes on this newfound responsibility with grace and love.

The season will also shine a spotlight on Thabs, who embarks on a house hunting adventure across different cities. As he contemplates where to put down roots, Thabs will unveil a surprising twist by sharing details of a small business venture, leaving fans intrigued about what’s to come.

Moozlie returns

Moozlie makes a triumphant return this season, diving headfirst into the dating scene. With unfiltered honesty, she opens up about her love life and takes viewers on a journey of self-discovery and romance.

Brendon, known as Benny Billionaire, showcases his rising DJ career in Cape Town, along with glimpses of his brand-new home, which is nearing completion. The season promises a glimpse of the anticipated housewarming celebration.

“The Unexpected” Season 3 promises an emotional and thrilling rollercoaster ride that will keep fans engaged from start to finish. The episodes air on BET (DStv Channel 129) or on DStv Catch Up.