“Kathiku” secures Shelf Space in Liquorama

  • Distribution enhanced because Liquorama has 69 stores countrywide
  • Chain retailer Checkers liquor stores to follow

Staff Writer

Owned by fashion enthusiast Ineeleng Kavindama, Botswana’s handcrafted range of alcoholic beverages Kathiku has secured shelf space in Liquorama stores across the country.

“Kathiku” is Hambukushu for the magic hour just before sunset when the crepuscular rays are just amazing.

“Kathiku beverages are about paying homage to my homeland in the Okavango Delta and about paying tribute to Botswana’s tourism sector,” Kavindama said.

She disclosed that the Kathiku range is also available from Sefalana stores across Botswana and will soon be available from Checkers liquor stores.

Kathiku beverages
Kathiku Beverages are centred around five flavours represented by the Big Five of the animal kingdom that are present in the Okavango, namely Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Buffalo and Lion.

Kathiku handcrafted pure gin has 43% alcohol (Elephant), Kathiku handcrafted Vodka 43% alcohol (Lion), Kathiku Elder Flower and Rose-Infused handcrafted gin has 43% (Leopard), Kathiku Blondie Cream Liqueur 15.5% alcohol (Buffalo), while Kathiku English Toffee Cream Liqueur has 15.5% alcohol (Rhino).

“I am elated to be accorded a chance by Liquorama because it is important for Batswana to also be major players in the beverages industry,” Kavindama said.

“It is a fact of life that the industry is dominated by foreigners who occupy almost 99% of the market. It saddens me that Batswana are on the other side of the value chain as consumers and not at the top of the value chain as owners of the brands on the shelves.”
She noted that Liquorama is one of the major players in the alcohol industry with 69 stores countrywide and still counting. This gives her brand an opportunity to be accessible everywhere Liquorama has a footprint across Botswana.

Kathiku to the world
Kavindama said their aim is to export Kathiku beverages to the world before the first half of next year. The plan was always to export the brand overseas, hence the theme of the Kathiku Big Five range is centred around the Okavango.


Kathiku Beverages also runs a mobile bar where they serve cocktails made with their drinks wherever and whenever they are booked.

“Our products are premium, hence the ‘handcrafted’ tag,” said the fashionista-cum-distiller. “They are not mass-produced but are made in small batches to maintain the quality. Our tagline is ‘No Babalas and No Phuza face!’ for a reason because there is no hangover the dreaded morning after.”