Lesego Chombo: I am Done with Pageantry

  • Beyond the Miss World Africa crown, the beauty queen known for her surgical-sharp intellect has made the impactful decision to channel her passion into charitable endeavours and commercial ventures


With her legion of admirers in Botswana and abroad still encouraging reigning Miss World Africa, Botswana’s own Lesego Chombo, to explore other pageants, the beauty queen has decided to retire from the competition side of pageantry.

Her wit and grace recently captivated audiences across the world from the Miss World stage in India but is gracefully transitioning from the glitz and glamour to embark on a new chapter of self-discovery and purpose.

“I embarked on the pageantry journey because I specifically wanted to be Miss World,” she told Time Out.

Beyond the crown 

“I spent seven years to understand what is required of one to become Miss World. If I were to do Miss Universe, for example, I would need another two years to study the art of what the Miss Universe brand requires.

“I have dedicated my time to being Miss World and now that I have gone on that stage, I am done with the world of pageantry in terms of competing.”

As she steps away from the spotlight, Lesego says she intends to channel her energy into her Beauty with a Purpose project, “The Genesis,” under the Lesego Chombo Foundation for a positive impact on Botswana and the African continent.


However, the beauty queen says she has decided to make her native Ngamiland region the base of operations for her project in order to be more focused.

“For impact’s sake, I am looking forward to picking a few families to work with and account for the Ngami region over the next few years in,” she said.

“I look forward to partnering with the beautiful girls I met on the Miss World platform on the Beauty with a Purpose initiative because as Miss World Africa, I have an obligation to impact not only Botswana but Africa as a whole.

Dreams and aspirations

“In a few years, the Lesego Chombo Foundation is also looking forward to working and partnering with beauty queens on their Beauty with a Purpose initiatives because I know the struggles of desperately wanting to serve your community and not having the funds to do so.”

Behind the dazzling gowns and philanthropic work lies a woman with dreams and aspirations of commercialising her talents.

From her total involvement in pageantry, Lesego has learnt the importance of confidence, self-expression, public speaking, poise and other invaluable skills that she wants to commercialise.

She wants to be a living testimony that talent can put food on the table and looks forward to working with different institutions as their brand ambassador.

She also aims to conduct speaking engagements and to showcase that her impact does not only inspire others but is her bread and butter as well.

Said she: “I also look forward to working with Miss World Organisation as they will be engaging me in the Beauty with a Purpose world tour.”

While the world of pageantry may no longer be her stage, Lesego carries with her the timeless values of beauty, grace and integrity that have defined her journey thus far.

As she sets out to write the next chapter of her story, one thing is certain: her legacy as a beauty queen will endure, serving as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.