She chimed for Time Out: “I can’t leave RnB alone. The game needs me”


Botswana’s beloved RnB sensation, Licky, returns with new management, more music and more visuals for her budding music career.
The undisputed queen of RnB won the hearts of many and dominated the airwaves with her debut classic, “Free Love,” in 2015.
It won her awards and a few lucrative cooperate collaborations, even catching the attention of Billboard Music.
Following the success of her initial release, she continued to impress with her EP in 2018.

Not in vain
Although Licky stepped away from the limelight, her absence was not in vain. She is now back stronger than ever under new management, promising consistency and a plethora of new music and visuals to her adoring fans.
She has added a film director award to her achievements in the time that she has been ‘away’ from music and aims to use that to her advantage by scripting and directing all her visual presentations.
Licky is set to drop the first single, “Pressure (Diamond),” taken from her upcoming EP titled BC. The track features the talented Katlego Ramphaleng, out on 26 March 2024.

Like diamonds under pressure
The song is about how diamonds are made under pressure. In true Licky fashion, the song is about empowering girls and young women to shine like diamonds under pressure.
She simply says she is back and told Time Out: “I can’t leave RnB. The game needs me.”
The song will be available on all radio stations and streaming platforms. With her unwavering dedication to her craft and an undeniable talent, Licky is poised to reclaim her throne as the voice of RnB music.