Karate Delivers 2 Medals At African Games Despite Limited Prep Time

The achievements are courtesy of Lethabo Sekano and the women’s team kata of Sekano, Lesogo Masimola and Charleen Magalie


In the competitive arena of the ongoing African Games, Botswana’s karate team has so far emerged a formidable contender, clinching two bronze medals in a display of skill and determination.
The achievements – which are courtesy of Lethabo Sekano and the female team kata comprising Sekano, Lesogo Masimola and Charleen Magalie – have garnered widespread praise, particularly in light of the challenges they faced in preparation.
Led by coach Ofentse Bakwadi, the Botswana contingent arrived at the Games with determination but limited preparation time. Bakwadi subsequently highlighted the team’s remarkable performance inspite of the hurdles they encountered.

“No matter the circumstances”
“The resilience displayed by our athletes is truly inspiring,” he said in a telephone interview. “Their determination to succeed, no matter the circumstances, is what sets them apart.”
He emphasised the significance of Botswana’s achievements within the broader context of African sports. “Our success here speaks volumes about the talent and potential in Botswana,” Bakwadi noted.
“With proper support and resources, our athletes can continue to excel on the international stage.”

U-21 national team selections
Meanwhile, Botswana Karate Association (BOKA) recently concluded its U-21 national team selections, setting the stage for this year’s national team competitions, including the prestigious Region V Championships in Namibia and the Commonwealth Games.
The president of BOKA, Mpho Bakwadi Ofentse’s elder brother), lauded the dedication and commitment exhibited by participants throughout the selections.
“The level of competition at the selections was exceptionally high,” he said in an interview on the sidelines of the selections over the weekend.

Depth of talent
Mpho emphasised the depth of talent present among Botswana’s young karate practitioners. The event served as a platform for showcasing individual prowess and underscored the collective strength of Botswana’s karate community.
For many participants, the U-21 national team selections represented a pivotal juncture in their burgeoning careers, offering an opportunity to test their mettle against peers and stake their claim on the national stage.
The atmosphere was charged with palpable excitement and nervous energy as athletes, fuelled by the desire to distinguish themselves among their peers, put their hearts and souls into each performance
As the dust settled and the final results were tallied, a select few emerged triumphant, securing their places on the prestigious national team.
But their journey is far from over as they now set their sights on upcoming competitions, including the highly anticipated Region V Championships in Namibia and the esteemed Karate Commonwealth Games.
Looking ahead, Mpho expressed confidence in the talent and potential of Botswana’s U-21 karatekas, envisioning a bright future for the sport in Botswana.
“The impressive turnout and calibre of competitors we witnessed during the selections bode well for the future of karate in Botswana,” he said, highlighting the resilience and tenacity that define the nation’s karate community.