Okavango Craft Brewery Launches New Beer


  • The imperial stout is brewed to highlight the strength of the elephant and is conditioned on heaps of the jackalberry fruit


Northern Botswana’s first licensed microbrewery, Okavango Craft Brewery, will launch its latest beer in a small batch series styled “The Jackal and the Elephant” Imperial Stout this Friday 8 September 2023.

The new beer was brewed to highlight the strength of the elephant and is conditioned on heaps of jackalberry fruit.

A post from the brewers in the Okavango where elephants abound and feed on the leaves of the tall evergreen tree whose dense canopy provides good shade while jackals have a predilection for the fruit captures the kernel of the wilderness well.

“The result is a strong dark beer with notes of dark fruit, coffee and chocolate. This is one to sip, savour and respect,” they say.

Mujuru artistry

For the third instalment in the single batch series, the craft brewery has partnered with Milton Mujuru, the artist. Milton learnt to make wire crafts through making his own toys as a young boy growing up in Zimbabwe.

He honed his talent and has made a living off creating wire and bead crafts for over 25 years.

The brewers again: “We have teamed up with our good friend Mujuru on the label with his beaded elephant key ring. Milton can always be found selling his beaded crafts around Maun and is well known for his big smile, friendly conversation and the occasional ‘Irie, One Love!’”

The story of the Jackal and the Elephant

The jackal used to underestimate the strength of the elephant and would taunt him whenever they crossed paths, claiming he was weakest of the Big Five.

One day, when the jackal was not aware, the elephant grabbed him and threw him through the bushes. He threw him with such strength that the jackal vowed to always pay him respect.

Encore, the brewers: “To highlight the strength of the elephant, we brewed this imperial stout and conditioned it on heaps of the jackalberry fruit: strong and powerful with rich dark flavours of plum, coffee and chocolate.”

Time for a refill? See you there.